Get Your Whammies Out Ladies


My friend phoned me in tears yesterday. She was breastfeeding in a restaurant when the manager asked her if she might be “more comfortable” moving to the rest-rooms. She was so overwhelmed and embarrassed that she immediately removed her new… Continue Reading

My Thoughts on Seeding (bathing your baby in your vaginal fluid!)


I was having a perfectly nice afternoon until I came across an article about something called ‘seeding’. Have you heard about this? Perhaps not! Well let me explain… It’s a new craze sweeping Australia where Mums who give birth via… Continue Reading

The Dreaded Heatwave – A Neurotic Mama’s Thoughts


How fondly I remember the days when the word “heatwave” would send a frisson of excitement down my spine. “Bring it on” I’d say as my legs glowed (orange) with freshly applied fake tan, I shimmied around in little summer… Continue Reading

Win a Pao Papoose (really fab baby carrier)


Pops and I love to “sling it”. There’s nothing better than going on a long family walk with her facing outwards and kicking her little legs in excitement as she takes everything in (although I usually get Mr UFM to do the… Continue Reading