Big Boobs Are Brilliant!

Big Boobs Are Brilliant!

My boobs are big again. A bit floppy but definitely large.

They were big when I was pregnant, bigger when I was laboriously expressing milk for my two hungry babies and then they deflated like a three week old balloon when I inexplicably lost weight in December (thyroid issues). But the weight is back and so are my boobs and I’m happy because I love them.

My boobs have got me into all sorts of pickles over the years. They have led to a number of sexist encounters in the work place where for a time in my 20’s I was known simply as “Bonn Bonn Boobies”. They have been stared at, groped,  caused embarrassment (mainly for other people) when I have worn low cut tops and have even flopped out of strapless dresses. But still I love and celebrate them.

You might remember that Emma Watson got into all sorts of trouble for claiming that she is the voice of feminism and then doing a topless shoot. The way that she came fighting back was brilliant. “What have my tits got to do with it?” she exclaimed. And she was right. Why can’t we be strong, powerful women and celebrate our boobs? We are females, they are a part of who we are and just because we like to show them off a bit and make the most of them, why are we suddenly judged to be titillating or trying to manipulate the opposite sex? Why are we deemed to be somehow letting down our sex?

It’s a bit like wearing a bright red lipstick or fancy knickers. I don’t do it for anyone but myself. I feel confident when I wear lippie or lashings of mascara. I’m not doing it to impress anyone or because I’m anti-feminism. I’m doing it because it is part of who I am.

So when I put on my Bravissimo bra and look in awe at how much it has lifted my boobs and then go to a meeting with my male boss, is that a problem? Do my now pert- looking boobs make me feel more confident? Yes! Am I doing it to impress him? No! It’s just part of me wanting to look good and that’s how my boobs make me feel.

This obviously leads nicely to the breastfeeding debate. If our boobs are our own, what we do with them is our choice and we should neither feel embarrassed nor ashamed of getting them out in public to feed our babies. They are just boobs ladies. Boobs that nurture, boobs that offer nutrition and boobs that can at times make us feel damn good!

Oh and if your boobs are like mine, a bit floppy and not quite what they were, I recommend a good bra fitting and something that gives you “a lift”. Far cheaper than a boob job and you’ll feel like you’re 20 all over again.

UFM xx


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