Yummy Mummy Envy and Some Topshop Goodies

Yummy Mummy Envy and Some Topshop Goodies

I was at the park with the kids the other day looking utterly shit.

I had on an old sweater which was covered in Louis’ dribble and snot. My jeans were the ones with the knees that are faded from crawling around on the floor and pretending to be “Mummy Pig” and my lank hair was  a shade of dusty white from the addition of too much dry shampoo.

Anyway, I was enjoying my anonymity and the pleasure of hanging out with my two little people who seem to love me however rough I look, when Pops suddenly shrieked with excitement.

“Look Mummy Look. It’s Sarah. Sarah from nursery”.

Poppy had been going on about Sarah from nursery for weeks. Every time I asked her what she had done at nursery that day she would give me a coy little smile and say “I played with Sarah” which would then turn into a fifteen minute chat about why Sarah is the best friend ever.

So…I was very excited to finally meet Sarah and potentially organise a play date. That was until I saw her Mum who was the very definition of a Yummy Mummy. She looked perfect in what can only be described as the ultimate Yum Mum uniform:

Cool skinny jeans

Crisp white t shirt

Black leather biker jacket

Ray Bans

leopard print trainers

flawless skin

Long, glossy hair tied back in the perfect pony tail.

I stood there gawping. How did she look so together when she had two children the same age as mine? I wanted to make excuses for my appearance…

“I don’t always look like this you know”

“This is my Mummy look….I have a biker jacket too”

“Not all my clothes are this stained”

“I do have some nice clothes but I never ever wear them when I’m with the kids”.

Instead though I gawped some more and blurted out “Wow how do you look so great?”

She looked at me as if I was slightly crazy.

I then got down to business and organised a play date for Pops and Sarah which she agreed to. She’s probably slightly nervous about getting together with the odd, staring, drool covered woman from the park.

I honestly don’t know how some Mums manage to look so great and have the time to do it.

Since meeting S’s mum I have been slightly inspired to update my “Mummy wardrobe” and have purchased this t shirt from Topshop which is quite cool,  can be thrown on with a pair of faded jeans and won’t show up milky baby puke :


£15 from Topshop


And for when I really want to work it in the park on a lovely sunny day, how about this dress?


£49 from Topshop

Actually what am I thinking? I would NEVER wear this dress to the park with the kids. It would get ruined. I’ll leave that to Sarah’s Mum and save it for ….ummmmm…sometime in the future…

UFM xx

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