Leopard Print Obsession. Grrrr.

Leopard Print Obsession. Grrrr.

Something has happened to me since having Louis and it’s totally inexplicable.

I have become totally and utterly obsessed with leopard print.

I honestly can’t get enough of it. Particularly on shoes and tops.

Oh and leopard print is very different to tiger print. In leopard print I feel cool and young and funky. In tiger print I feel like Bet Lynch. (I mention this because I have a tiger print jumpsuit and it is hideous. The only time I have worn it in the past few years is when I took Poppy to See “The Tiger Who Came To Tea”. I thought it was most befitting and I was very proud when a random child looked at me in awe and said “Look Daddy….it’s the tiger lady”.)

Anyway, I digress.

If you, like me, are having a leopard print moment then here are a few bits that I have bought/am planning to buy.



Leopard Print Cami: £16 from ASOS

 I like to wear this camisole over a t-shirt with jeans and white Converse and become a 90’s style leopard.

Zebra Print TOMS – Reduced from £55 to £38

Not leopard print I know but still have the necessary grrrrr factor.

Scamp and Dude Sweater: £50 adult; £36 toddler

This top comes in adult and toddler size. I’m not usually one for Mums and daughters wearing the same outfits but this I can’t resist!!

M and S Leopard Print Pumps : £35

These are very comfy and look far pricier than they are. They go with pretty much everything.

Boden Espadrilles : £60

These also make me very happy. I like the gold bit. Double Grrrrr!

Knickers: £50 from Net-A-Porter

Last but not least…I love the lace and leopard print mix in these knickers. They manage to be classy rather than slutty which is no mean feat when it comes to leopard print undies.

That’s all Mamas. Unleash your inner leopard. Oh and if you’re new to this blog…Welcome! If you’d like the latest then come along and join our Facebook Community 


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