Avocado, Pomegranate and Palm Hearts – The Toddlers Who Eat Like Royalty

Avocado, Pomegranate and Palm Hearts – The Toddlers Who Eat Like Royalty

I was merrily perusing the papers before my radio show this morning when I was greeted with the headline

Avocado lovers are facing price rises as the demand grows and adverse weather causes poor harvests“.

My reaction was one of slight panic. We buy at least two avocados a week. Not for me and Mr Upfront Mama let me stress but for 19 month old Poppy who has an extreme avocado addiction which probably began when I started the weaning process by mashing it up with banana.

Avocado isn’t the only luxury food that Poppy loves. She is very partial to pomegranate, enjoys asparagus, organic meat and her milk is always Duchy Organic. My weekly food bill for my toddler is astronomical but the fact is that I only want to feed my child the very best and am anxious for her to try a wide array of different and exotic foods and flavours.

I was sipping on tea with a group of Mum friends the other day and we were surprised to learn that we all had this expensive food habit in common. “Alex is obsessed with palm hearts”, said Katy. “I only feed Olly organic veg from Abel and Cole”, said Anna. Little Ellie loves mango and the organic milk thing is something that we all have in common. We are in effect spending our entire weekly shopping budget on our children who are mainly under two and while they feast on luxury items, many of us settle for jacket potatoes with baked beans and options from the basics range. Many a day I look wistfully into the fridge and ache for some organic blueberries or one of Poppy’s delicious yoghurts but I remind myself that they are for her and settle for something far less tasty.

So what is going on? Why are an ever increasing amount of children so thoroughly “Waitrose-ified”.

Dietician Amy Edwards thinks that the current obsession with eating healthy, organic food has influenced how many mothers feed their children. However, many mums will put the eating habits of their children way before their own needs, spending their weekly food budget on ensuring that their little ones are getting the very best whilst they feast on toast and chocolate and a daily glass of wine at the end of the day. (I can definitely relate to this).

I think back to my own childhood dinners which featured potato waffles, Alphabites and chicken burgers and I wonder if things have all gone a bit too far the other way. Are we spoiling our children and wasting money on luxurious items that aren’t necessary?

However these thoughts are soon forgotten as I order two pots of pre-prepared pomegranate and 3 ripe and ready avocados on Ocado. This is one addiction that isn’t going to budge any time soon.

Upfront Mama x





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