Day One Of Weaning

Day One Of Weaning

I just came across this post from my old blog. It was all about Poppy’s first day of weaning and it brought back so many lovely memories. We started her on solids when she was six months old which coincided with our holiday in France last year, so Pops was introduced to the wonders of food outdoors, overlooking a pool and beautiful pine trees.

I’ll do more weaning posts but this is for you if you’re just getting started.

Weaning Day One – Summer 2014

How oh how can Poppy be six months old already? Everyone says to you that time flies when you have a baby but this is ridiculous.

For the past few weeks we’ve been giving Poppy tastes of food….the odd lick of nectarine or a Nuby Net (they’re brilliant by the way) with some pear in it, but now it’s weaning time for real and it’s both exciting, a little bit heartbreaking that she’s old enough for it and also daunting (but getting less so).

I thought I’d do a little weaning diary so that I can look back on it with her one day and potentially embarrass her in front of whoever she chooses to bring home and meet us but also so that I can share my experiences, worries, advice and just about everything else with you.

It just so happens that weaning time fell during our holiday in France so lucky Poppy got to taste the wonders of French produce with a beautiful view of the swimming pool.

The weaning book that I’ve chosen to follow is the Annabel Karmel one below. It is simple, not too long, the recipes are great and my favourite thing is the meal plan which makes life so easy if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing (i.e. me).


weaning 2


For day one we chose a simple meal of baked sweet potato. We baked it in the oven for about an hour on 190 degrees, scooped out the middle, blended it with a hand blender until it made a nice smooth puree and waited until it was cool enough for her to eat. We made sure to freeze some in a weaning ice-cube tray that I remembered to bring along at the last minute. (Packing for a holiday with a baby is a story for another day!!)
weaning 3


Then, equipped with a Tommee Tipee weaning spoon, a weaning bib, a random bowl, a high chair and loads of baby wipes we let the fun begin…


weaning 4


The aim of the game was to make it as fun and stress free for Poppy as possible. We sang, we let her hold the spoon, she shoved her fingers in it and licked them, we tried it too. I think she probably only ate a couple of tea-spoons at most but the great thing was that she seemed to enjoy herself and that’s what counts.

How’s your weaning going? Any tips or recipes?

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