Poo Problems

Poo Problems

The one thing that everyone told me before I became a mother was that I would become a tiny bit obsessed with my baby’s poo when he/she was born. I used to laugh arrogantly to myself. I was NOT the kind of woman who would allow my life to be dominated by poo. I would swiftly change nappies whilst holding my nose and be rid of them before I even had a chance to look at their contents, let alone become obsessed with them.

Oh how wrong I was.

I have been obsessed with Poppy’s poo ever since she was born. What colour is it? Is the consistency right? How often is she going? Why does it smell so strong? Is she OK? What the hell are those seeds doing in there when she’s only on milk? What’s that blue thing? You catch my drift!! My friend Debs even claimed to LIKE the smell of her baby’s poo until he went on solids which is a story that I hear time and time again.

I think that the poo obsession is so prevalent amongst us Mums because it is a great marker for health. If the poo is wrong then invariably something else is as well. In Poppy’s case, the poor thing has been constipated and irregular since she was about a month old and as she’s gone onto solids it has only got worse. She now relies on Lactulose twice a day and without going into too much detail, pooing is a very stressful event for her. I often need to help her by pushing her legs back and rubbing her tummy. It’s heartbreaking to see someone so small struggling to do something that should be easy and effortless.

Having seen the paediatrician a number of times we’ve now got to the point where we’re going to take her off all dairy products for three months to see if it makes a difference. Apparently cow’s milk in particular can disagree with a lot of young tummies and lead to this severe constipation. We’ve ruled out her being coeliac with a blood test but sadly they can’t test for dairy intolerance so it’s a case of trial and error.

If the dairy free thing doesn’t work then they may need to investigate further to check it’s not something underlying – I’m hoping and praying that it doesn’t come to that!

Anyway, Pops absolutely LOVES yoghurt, cheese and pretty much everything she’s now not allowed so I’ve been researching like a madwoman, trying to find good alternatives. I bought a soya yoghurt from Tesco and it was so disgusting that I almost threw up when I tried it. There was no way that I was going to give something that evil tasting to Poppy…it just wouldn’t be fair. Anyway, my Eureka moment came when I discovered these amazing coconut milk yoghurts in Whole Foods the other day. I bought the plain one and Poppy (and I) really enjoyed it last night with the addition of some blueberries. I was also recommended the Pure range of spreads as a great alternative to butter and managed to find them in Whole Foods as well although they do seem to be available from most supermarkets.

Fingers crossed we manage to get some good results from her new diet. I’ll be posting some recipe ideas for fellow non-dairy babies as I discover them. xx

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