Hair Loss After Pregnancy and Some Products that Should Help

Hair Loss After Pregnancy and Some Products that Should Help

There are so many things that happen to your body after pregnancy and no one really tells you about them in advance so you kind of muddle through taking them on one at a time.

The things that surprised me the most were:

– The sheer amount that you sweat/lose all that excess water after giving birth. I woke up drenched every night for weeks after having Poppy.

– How much my knees and other joints ached after all that ligament softening during pregancy.

– How much hair I lost

The hair thing is perhaps the most shocking of all. After having full and lustrous locks for nine months, suddenly your mane is falling off in clumps in the shower and it can be quite scary for a lot of women who just don’t expect/understand it.

There is no cure for post pregnancy hair loss but there are a lot of products that can help and I do have an explanation for you as well….

Basically, shedding hair is a part of the process of growth. We all do it the whole time and it is part of a perfectly normal cycle. During pregancy however, we stop shedding because of all those hormones which is why our hair suddenly looks so thick. There is simply much more than usual on our heads.

After pregnancy, all that extra hair gets shed all at once which can be quite shocking and even lead to the odd bald spot. But, PLEASE don’t worry. This stage is only temporary and your hair cycle will eventually return to normal. You are not going to continue to lose hair indefinitely and once your cycle is re-established, things should return to normal.

In the mean time, there are things you can do to help:

1. Eat lots of protein.

2. Be gentle – don’t over brush or use really hot straighteners.

3. Eat your omega 3’s (salmon is a great source).

4. Perhaps take a supplement like Nourkrin Post Pregancy which can help maintain a normal hair growth cycle and combat thinning and hair loss.

5. Use hair- building fibres to hide bald patches and thinning areas. I’m a big fan of Nanogen Nanofibres which bind to the hair and blend in beautifully, giving the appearance of a full, voluminous head of hair. They also don’t budge as they lock into the hair with static. Genius!

6. I really rate the Aveda Invati range which will maintain the health of your scalp and hair whilst thickening. I particularly recommend the Exfoliating Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner and Scalp Revitalizer. Using these products is kind of like having a regular facial for your hair (a hairacial?) and you’ll see a marked improvent in the quality and hopefully growth.

7. Another product that will really enhance the quality and health of your hair is Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer. This hair masque has won countless awards and was actually created for Audrey Hepburn who wanted to improve the quality of her hair. This is quite possibly one of my favourite hair products of all time and whilst it won’t stop shedding, it will dramatically improve the overall quality of your hair and the health of your scalp.

The main thing is not to panic. As I said, your hair will eventually stop shedding at a rate of knots and things will return to normal.

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