How To Combat Facial Eczema

How To Combat Facial Eczema

I had it coming.

I’ve been a beauty writer for a good few years now and in that time have tried an unbelievable amount of lotions and potions. Some of them have been wonderful, some a total let down and none have caused any sort of allergic reaction.

Until now!

I had a facial a few months ago and was told that now I’m 35 I should be using a product containing Retinol to keep wrinkles at bay. I was subsequently lured into buying a fairly pricey serum called “Retriderm” . What followed was a week of the most amazing looking skin that I’ve ever had and then disaster struck and I had some sort of reaction where my eyelids and neck went all red and raw and itchy. And so began my first venture into the horrendous world of facial eczema. (Three months down the line it’s not looking like going any time soon).

I did loads of research about the best products to use to combat this unsightly itch-fest, figuring that this would be interesting fodder for my monthly beauty column.

I tried….

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Brilliant used as a lip-balm, to tame eyebrows, as an overnight face mask and on cuticles.

– Heal Gel

Formulated by a group of top plastic surgeons. Many people swear by its healing properties. great on scars and burns.

Selexir Peace Balm

Formulated by a facial eczema sufferer. Intensely moisturising, gloopy balm.

Pai Rosehip Oil

One of my fav overnight facial oils. It helps to fade scars and dark spots, plumps the skin and gives it a glow and is suitable for use in pregnancy too.

– Plain old Vaseline

– Oilatum Facial Moisturiser

and nothing worked. In fact, my skin had a reaction to all of the above.

Finally I took the plunge and paid my Mum’s (Upfront Nana) dermatologist a visit and within two days of following her advice all signs of eczema have totally disappeared.

Here’s what I’m doing:

Until I have an allergy test in a few weeks I’ve been ordered to:

1. Wash my face and body with horrendously boring but very eczema friendly Epaderm. I use the ointment as a cleanser and pretend that it’s my beloved Emma Hardie Maringa Balm (hands down the best cleanser ever) as it (kind of) has the same consistency and the cream as a shower gel/moisturiser.

2. Use a really simple shampoo such as E45 or Oilatum. My hair looks decidedly lackustre but at least my face isn’t bright red any more.

3. Dab a moderate topical steroid cream on the affected areas each night until I no longer need to.

And that’s it. It’s that simple and my eczema has all but disappeared.

All I need to do now is get my allergy testing done and see if this has been caused by a specific reaction or whether it’s the start of a new and rather annoying skin condition.

I’ll keep you posted.

UFM xx

ps Is it just me or have your skin, hair and bod changed since having a baby?



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