The Only Three New Baby Books You’ll Need

The Only Three New Baby Books You’ll Need

I’ve been meaning to write this for ages but never got round to it.

When I had Poppy I bought way too many new baby books  and they turned out to be a total waste of money because there are only a handful that I found to be useful and informative without being too preachy.

Here are the books that really helped  during Poppy’s first year and that I’ll be turning to again this time around…

whattoexpect_paperback_0743461568_300Just like “What to expect When You’re Expecting”, this book is brimming with useful information and is great to dip in and out of. I have never read it from cover to cover, but whenever I wanted to know something this book always had the answers. It’s like a new baby Encyclopedia!


This is my absolute favourite book. It is non-preachy and just the most brilliant companion to the first six months of motherhood. I love the fact that it doesn’t overload you with information and that you only have to read a short section each week. Also, I have never known a book to be so spot-on with insight and advice. Poppy was pretty much doing everything that the book said she would and I love the fact that the authors held my hand through every stage. An absolute must have!



I bought this for Mr UFM when I was pregnant. It was all a bit tongue in cheek but he absolutely loved it and if I remember rightly, read it from cover to cover. It’s fun but does contain some useful advice and ideas.

And the one that I hated:



Some parents absolutely swear by this book but I felt stressed just reading the first page. Gina is an advocate of a REALLY strict routine and everything that she said went against my instincts as a new mum. I’m a firm believer that you can’t put a brand new baby into a routine. They just need to be close to you and get their needs met as they happen. Perhaps buy it anyway….you’ll  either gasp in horror at her ideas or be lured by the promise of order in your life.

Hope these books come in handy. There is also loads of excellent info online. I love!

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