A Quick, Easy Breakfast to Make you Feel Good

A Quick, Easy Breakfast to Make you Feel Good

When you have a baby it is so easy to forget to look after yourself. You are so occupied with making sure that all is well with your little one that your needs kind of go by the wayside. One of the biggest things that has suffered in my case is my diet. There just isn’t time to make myself lovely salads for lunch so I’ll often grab a couple of pieces of toast. The rest of the day is often peppered with chocolate, cakes and coffee (and a cheeky glass of wine in the evening)…Naughty treats that make me feel momentarily good and give me a much needed instant sugar rush.

When you’re breastfeeding you’re allowed extra calories so I kind of excused my new found chocolate addiction to start with, but almost a year down the line, I probably shouldn’t be indulging half as much as I am.

Anyway, I’ve started making a Bircher Muesli in advance that I store in the fridge and make myself eat for breakfast. It’s full of goodness and is a way of ensuring that I’m eating something really nutritious with minimal effort. It also helps you stay regular, particularly if you’re suffering from that hideous post-birth constipation.

Nicola’s Bircher Muesli (3-4 servings)

You’ll need:

2 cups/15og jumbo porridge oats

2 cups apple juice

3 tablespoons natural yoghurt

Couple of handfuls of fresh berries

Handful raisins

Grated apple

Tablespoon sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Tablespoon Linseed Mix (I like this one)

Tablespoon Chia Seeds


Quite simply combine all your ingredients and leave them in the fridge overnight. In the morning you;ll have a delicious ready to go breakfast. One thing to note is that the Chia seeds will thicken your muesli quite a bit so you may need to add a bit of water in the morning to thin it out a bit.










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