A Weekend Of Firsts

A Weekend Of Firsts

Being a Mum can be exhausting, stressful and relentless.

BUT it can also be bloody amazing.

This weekend was a good one and Poppy just made me so proud and happy.

Saturday was “D” (dog) Day. If you read How Not To Get Your Toddler Over Her Fear Of Dogs you’ll remember that Poppy is petrified of them and that I was dreading us spending Saturday with my best friend’s Cocker Spaniel Bi Bi.

Well, after initial tears, Pops actually handled the whole dog thing really well. By the end of lunch she was actually blowing her kisses and almost stroking her. It was a doggy miracle and just goes to show how quickly a toddler can get over her fears. I think that the key was that we all kept it very lighthearted and calm. Usually when Poppy shows fear I cuddle her and remove her from the situation but on Saturday we just reassured her but stayed close to the dog. Poppy obviously sensed that there was nothing to panic about and hey presto…a calm toddler! (It also probably helped that I got on the floor with Bea and pretended to be a dog. Poppy was so amused that she forgot to be scared.)

In other news, Poppy finally showed interest in pulling herself up to standing this weekend. Having been asked whether she’s walking yet by just about EVERYONE I meet, I was starting to panic because she wasn’t even lifting herself/cruising yet and then out of the blue she just did it. One minute she was sitting on the floor and the next minute she was standing by the sofa. She even did a bit of cruising. And if that wasn’t enough she crawled up the stairs all on her own.

I hope I don’t sound like a boring old proud Mum. I am of course REALLY proud and relieved, but more than that, I wanted to reassure you. I know that so many Mamas, like myself, worry SO much about development and I’m starting to realise that there’s no point in driving yourself crazy with anxiety because they do get there in the end.

Pops has been late with movement…she sat, bum-shuffled and lifted herself much later than her friends but she’s getting there in her own sweet time.

I’m not going to worry about the walking thing…in fact I’m just going to try and embrace every little moment because she’s changing so rapidly.

Oh and on that note, I spent ages uploading some of my iPhone videos of Poppy onto a private YouTube channel so that I won’t lose them. My friend recommended doing it and I think that it’s a really good idea. I’m also going to promise myself to do more videos as I don’t want to forget all of these magical little moments.

Hope you have a fab Monday

UFM xx


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