Girl Meets Dress

Girl Meets Dress

When I was a kid I used to think that my Mum was a real life princess. She owned a variety of beautiful dresses that she’d wear to posh work dos and I remember looking at her in awe as she got ready for those events. She was (and still is) so glamorous. There was one dress in particular that was long, black, clingy and covered in sequins. I used to dream about wearing it when I was older and as a teenager often tried it on when my Mum was at work and paraded around the house like a queen. I tried it on again recently and alas it was too small for me, so it will have to remain as a beautiful memory unless I lose a substantial amount of weight.

Anyway, I had a very glamorous work do on Friday night and on Monday realised the following:

1. I hadn’t had a manicure since Poppy arrived a year ago

2. My legs were paler than virgin snow

3. My eyebrows were in need of serious maintenance

4. My Mummy (biscuit and chocolate) tummy was protruding proudly

5. I had NOTHING to wear.

So all in all I was in no fit state to be seen at an event that was bound to be filled to the rafters with young, famous and beautiful people.

The eyebrow and hand situation was easily remedied,  I couldn’t be bothered to have a fake tan so opted for some nude tights (If it’s good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge it’s good enough for me) and there was sod all I could do about the tummy situation. However, it was the dress that was causing me untold levels of angst. I wanted something that would be flattering, ultra glamorous and make me feel incredible but I owned nothing of the sort. I was on the verge of splashing out on something when I remembered a website that I was introduced to when I was a DJ on Heart Radio. It was a dress hire site who were just setting up and they were offering the female presenters a free dress for the night. I politely declined at the time as I had nothing to wear one to but thank goodness I noted down their name.

Now, I’m quite scared to share this on here because Upfront Mama is already getting thousands of readers (yay) and once I tell you about it I have a feeling that all the dresses will be constantly out on hire. However, I’m going to do it because I also have a feeling that the site will become your saviour, giving you dress options for weddings, black tie events and much more and the chance to wear outfits that you might otherwise only be able to dream of. So here goes…..I got my dress from the fabulous Girl Meets Dress.

Girl Meets Dress gives you the chance to hire a ridiculously expensive designer dress for a very affordable price. You pick either two long dresses or three short ones, they send them out and then you only pay for the one you wear. The idea is genius. They offer amazing customer service and will guide you through sizes and options.

I went for the Liliana Maxi in Oxblood. It was unbelievably flattering, covering up my tum to perfection and just seemed to cling in all the right places. It made me feel confident and sexy for the first time in a very long time and it was with a sense of sadness that I packed it into it’s box after the party, although the great thing is that I can always hire it again or go for something else any time that I like. I love the idea that these dresses have a bit of history, being borrowed by other excited women for all sorts of exciting occasions. I really did feel like I was meeting my dress and that it became my friend for the one night that it was in my life.

So there you have it….you’ll never be struggling for an outfit again.

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