Upfront Mama Goes Shopping

Upfront Mama Goes Shopping

If Mr Upfront Mama is reading this I’m going to be in a bit of trouble because we’ve just paid for our holiday and spent a ridiculous amount of money getting our car fixed so now is not the time to be splashing out.

Anyway, I totally blame him because he’s the one that pointed out that my ancient biker jacket (which may I add was a mere £23.99 from H&M) looks like it’s been attacked by a violent cat. If he hadn’t pointed out how old and scraggedy (is that a word?) it looked then I never would have spent  £160 on a new one. Woops.

I decided to shun the traditional black and go for something lighter this year so I went for a grey Biker which looks really good with everything…especially pale yellow which I love. The jacket is made of a buttery soft leather and is the perfect shape and fit…really flattering and just the right length.



What do you reckon? I’m totally in love with it. As I said it’s £160 and the link is here. They’ve got all the sizes online but I think there’s a three week wait for delivery at the moment. I think that this is going to last for years and I’ll wear it the whole time so £160 isn’t so bad when I look at it that way. (Who am I trying to kid?I totally can’t afford it but loved it too much to resist).

I’ve also been on my usual look out for the perfect mascara because even when there isn’t time to wash my hair/shave my legs, there’s always a spare minute to shove on some mascara  and a good one always makes me feel that little bit more human. I discovered Le Volume de Chanel thanks to an old friend who is now the Beauty Director at Elle Magazine (I’m so proud of her!). Anyway, if Sophie makes a beauty recommendation then it’s usually a great one and she hasn’t disappointed with this. The mascara makes your lashes looks huge and gives them a real boost. I was wearing it the other evening and Mr Upfront Mama actually commented that I looked “doe like, really pretty and that my lashes looked very long”. This was enough to convince me that it was worth the price tag of £25. You can get it here and I recommend buying it in black.




On a more affordable note, my friend P introduced me to a great hand cream the other day and it’s cheap as chips and ticks all the boxes in that it’s non-greasy, longlasting and makes your hands feel instantly silky. It’s Garnier Intensive 7 Days Restoring hand cream and is only £1.99 from Superdrug.




My final Mama recommendation is something that was sent to me by Clarins to review for my beauty column and it’s got me very excited. Basically, it’s a fake tan for the face that doesn’t smell, is fully customisable and gives you the most beautiful, natural glow. It’s called Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster and the idea is that you mix 1-3 drops with your regular moisturiser and a few hours later you have a subtle but really gorgeous glow. It really is amazing and is totally fool-proof. No more orange, smelly, uneven tans for me!! Find it here.




Finally, something for the little ones. I don’t know what it is about these eggs but Poppy is absolutely OBSESSED with them. She bangs them against each other, hides them, puts them in her stacking cups and shakes them and just generally seems to find them very amusing. They also squeak and are a shape sorting game so they’ll grow with her. A must have! These are some of the cheepest (get it?) I’ve found online.



Happy shopping fellow Mamas. You deserve it. Just hide the bags under the bed and no one will ever know :0) xx


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