Baby Products You Probably Don’t Need But That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Baby Products You Probably Don’t Need But That Will Make Life So Much Easier

You don’t need much for babies. In fact, they’d probably be more than happy playing with a wooden spoon and a box but there are so many fantastic baby products on the market and they’re colourful, fun and make life much easier so I think it’s OK to indulge yourself and your little one from time to time.

Here’s my list of the products that you probably don’t need but that you and your baby will love…


Ewan The Sheep

This funny looking purple sheep has proven invaluable in settling Poppy at night. With his light-up tummy and variety of womb like noises, Ewan creates a cosy environment and the white noise soothes Poppy to sleep.

AngelCare Movement and Sound Monitor
In my mother’s day you used your sense of heari
ng to listen out for your baby. Now, neurotic mothers everywhere (like me) can not only hear their baby on a monitor but can rely on this one to set off an alarm if your little one stops breathing. I have been using this since Poppy has learnt to roll on her front and wouldn’t be without it. Gives great peace of mind and has saved the lives of many premature and ill babies.

Breathable Cot Bumper

This little beauty stops your little one getting hands/feet stuck in the cot bars whilst giving you peace of mind because it is breathable.


So much more practical (and safer) than using blankets. Poppy absolutely loves her gro-bags. I recommend getting an 0.5 tog, 1 tog and 2.5 tog and then following their temperature guide to work out which one to use depending on the temperature. There’s a great guide here.

Portable Black-Out Blind

This has been our absolute SAVIOUR!! If you want your baby to sleep past dawn then a black-out blind is a must and you can take this one anywhere and fit it on just about any size of window.

Jungle Mobile

We went to visit a friend recently who very kindly let Pops have a nap in her little one’s cot. It was here that Poppy and I discovered the best mobile ever! The Jungle mobile is great….it has flapping leaves, cute animals and 4 music options including Mozart and Beethoven. It not only lulls Pops to sleep but keeps her absolutely mesmerised and calms her down. Love it!

 Little Green Sheep Company SnuzPod

This 3 in 1 bedside crib is great for those who like the idea of co-sleeping but want their baby to be safely in his/her own space. The mattress is made of organic and very high quality material and we loved this because it lasted Poppy until she was nearly 5 months old which is a lot longer than a moses basket.

Poddle Pod

If you want to share your bed with your baby then I can’t think of a safer way to do it than with the help of a poddle pod. This reasonably prized cushion has a dip in it where your baby lies and means that you won’t roll on your baby and that there is far less risk of the duvet going over them as you can put the pod over it. It is very cosy and Poppy always slept very well when in it.


Freddie The Firefly

Freddie is the ultimate toy to attach to your buggy or car-seat. He is full to the brim with such treats as crinkly material, mirrors, teething toys, black and white material, interesting textures and loads of bright colours. He’ll keep your little one entertained for ages.

Portable Mobile

This little mobile has been great for car journeys, taking along for nights away and we also used it on her moses basket when she was smaller. It still soothes her to sleep now.

Toys and Play time:

Sophie The Giraffe

Pretty much every baby I have met has a Sophie..the person who invented this simple rubber (phthalate-free) giraffe must have made an absolute killing. Sophie is Poppy’s favourite teething toy and she particularly enjoys chewing on her legs and mouth.

Jungle Mat

Poppy has been absolutely mesmerised by her Jungle Mat since she was tiny and it  kept her very entertained up to the age of about 7 months.  She loved batting the animals and seemed to find it just the right level of stimulating.

Play Mat

When Poppy started  rolling I needed a much larger mat. This one is just the right size for Poppy and me to lie on and is slightly cushioned which makes it nice and comfortable.


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

This is the best thing I have ever bought. It’s like a coffee machine but for preparing formula. It makes the perfect bottle of formula in two minutes flat and saves so much time and worry. I honestly couldn’t live without it.

Bath Time:

Fabric Bath Chair

This genius, cheap and cheerful little chair came in handy when Poppy grew out of her baby bath. It meant that we could put her in the big bath without having to hold her with one hand and wash her with the other and made life so much easier and meant that Pops could sit back and relax.

Angelcare Bath Support

When Poppy grew out of her fabric chair we swapped it for the Angelcare Bath Support. It’s brilliant and again makes things so easy. Poppy visibly relaxes when she’s in it. I must say that we tend to fill the bath a bit deeper than the fairly low level that they recommend  as it just seems too shallow to keep Poppy warm and happy. I think that as long as you are keeping a very watchful eye then this is alright but it is obviously down to personal choice and as I say, it is of the upmost importance never to leave your little one unattended in the bath.

Philips Bath and Room Thermometer

We have one of these for the bath and one for the bedroom and have found them very reliable.

I’ll keep adding to this list as and when I come across great products x

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  1. Julie
    31st May 2016 / 5:08 am

    Hello 🙂 Hope your well!
    We have a Snuzpod on the highest setting. Does Jungle mobile fit.. &
    Where did you attach it ? All other mobiles are slipping. Thanks, Jules

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