Beauty Tricks for Busy Mamas

Beauty Tricks for Busy Mamas

When I had Poppy one of the things that instantly struck me was how little time and inclination I had to beautify myself. Washing my hair became a total luxury and my makeup bag was only brought out on very special occasions. If truth be known it was quite a relief to take a break from my long established beauty routines and rituals and my skin was wonderfully clear because I wasn’t loading it with products.

However, recently I have started to want to look and feel a bit more glamorous again. Apparently this happens to a lot of mamas at around the one year mark. Often they march into the hairdressers and demand something dramatic and then cry with regret at their way too short bob/ garish pink hair. I experienced this when I went bright red a month ago. Thank goodness it was only temporary!

Anyway, I’m going to put my beauty journalist hat on today and recommend some beauty tricks that take no time at all but that will help you feel even more gorgeous than you are already :0)

Beautiful Hands:

Since having Poppy my hands and nails have been horribly dry because of the constant washing and sterilising. One of the simplest tips to combat this is good old olive oil. Massage it into your skin and nails whenever you’re in the kitchen and apply a good amount under your Marigolds before washing up. This will act as a kind of hydrating masque for the hands.

Tired Eyes:

The best under eye concealer bar none is Clarins Instant Concealer. You only need a tiny amount so it lasts for ages and it gives a light, radiant coverage that will leave you looking wide awake even if you’re not feeling it.

Pretty Cheeks:

My favourite blusher is Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry. I apply it to the apples of my cheeks with a foundation brush and blend and it gives a lovely, healthy flush in seconds.

Clean Looking Hair:

Who needs to wash your hair every day when the brilliant invention that is Dry Shampoo exists? My absolute favourite is from French brand Klorane.  It will leave your hair fresh with a just washed look.

Radiant Face:

If you’re after a healthy, face protecting glow then invest in some Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. It contains SPF 20 and gives a light yet beautiful coverage. People will be commenting on how radiant you look.

Ultra Quick Cleansing:

I usually detest makeup wipes as they can be harsh on the skin but Mio Gorgeous Glow Swipes are INCREDIBLE. They smell of lavender, remove makeup in seconds, gently exfoliate and fight hormonal acne.

Scaly feet:

I recently trialled Footner Exfoliating Socks and couldn’t believe the results. Basically, you wear them for an hour and a week later all the dry skin on your feet starts peeling off. It’s pretty gruesome to be honest but the effect is amazing. My feet were totally soft and dry skin free after a few days of the peeling.

Cheap Body Scrub:

Mix Olive Oil and sugar together for a wonderfully moisturising body scrub.

Hope these tips are useful. Feel free to share your own beauty tips in the comments box. Oh and if you have time have a read of this article:

Motherhood Makes You Beautiful

It’s all about why you’re probably the most beautiful you’ve ever been right now, even though you may not feel it xx




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