Poppy’s Favourite Baby /Toddler Group

Poppy’s Favourite Baby /Toddler Group

One of my biggest tips when you have a baby is (as soon as you feel ready) to seek out some local classes, get out of the house and get socialising. It doesn’t matter if you look rough and are wearing your PJS. What matters is that you’re not stuck at home all day feeling tired and alone but instead are meeting other Mums, in a baby friendly environment, who are experiencing pretty much what you are.

By the way I’m not saying go to a different class every day which can be way too much for both you and baby but perhaps do one or two things a week to keep the both of you sane. Save the other days for meeting friends in cafes or having some chill out time just you and baby (which will feel really good if you’ve been occupied on the other days).

Pops goes to three things a week. She does rhyme time at the local library on a Monday, swimming on a Thursday and on a Wednesday she has her highlight of the week….Hartbeeps.

Hartbeeps is totally and utterly crazy but in a really really good way. This isn’t any old baby/toddler class but is an all-singing, all-dancing, puppet filled extravaganza. It’s high in energy, great fun and wonderfully eccentric. I love anything slightly eccentric by the way. The more imaginative and surprising the better. So  Hartbeeps is perfect!

Obviously different things suit different Mums but for me, Hartbeeps is a great option for stimulating both you and your little one in just the right way. It will have you both giggling and you’ll leave feeling somehow refreshed and very positive. The toddler classes for example are filled with music, dancing, creative play and drama and will definitely inspire your child to use his/her imaginations which for me is very important.

You can find out more about Hartbeeps here. For more information about the excellent London classes contact the Alison@hartbeeps.com.

*This is a sponsored post but Poppy genuinely has been going to Hartbeeps for the past year and absolutely loves it. I will only ever vouch for things on Upfront Mama that I 100% believe in and never accept money for products etc that I wouldn’t use myself. 

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