The Little Green Sheep SnuzPod – A great alternative to co-sleeping

The Little Green Sheep SnuzPod – A great alternative to co-sleeping

One of the biggest dilemmas when you have a baby is whether you should share your bed with them or not. It is so tempting as you can comfort them, feel close to them and breast-feed really easily but there are of course dangers associated with it and the advice is that you should only share a bed with your baby if you are sober, not on medication and if your baby isn’t underweight or premature. You should also be careful of suffocation and of your baby falling off the bed.

Anyway, Mr UFM and I opted for the second best thing to co-sleeping and got Poppy a SnuzPod from The Little Green Sheep Company. I honestly think that this was one of the best things we did for the following reasons:

1. We could attach the cot to the side of our bed and remove one of the sides so it felt like Poppy was sharing our bed when in actual fact she was safe and sound in her own space.

2. The size is fantastic. Pops grew out of her Moses Basket so quickly but the Pod lasted her until she was around six months old. In retrospect we probably didn’t need both although I do remember feeling that Poppy liked the snug space of a Moses Basket when she was really tiny.

3. The mattress is top quality. The Little Green Sheep Company specialise in organic, chemical free and high quality mattresses that are made to support your baby in just the right way.

4. If you want your baby to sleep wherever you are in the house during the day, the sleeping part of the SnuzPod is easily removable and transportable.

The SnuzPod is £169 but I would say it is well worth the money as a Moses Basket alternative and a wonderful co-sleeping option. Also, if you are looking for fantastic blankets for your baby the Little Green Sheep ones are gorgeous…just the right thickness and great quality.

Oh and if you’re about to have a baby and want to know what to expect when you get home from the hospital, you may enjoy reading this.


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