What do you call your daughter’s “bits”?

What do you call your daughter’s “bits”?

I was out with my gorgeous friend B and her 16 week old on Friday. We went to Brasserie Zedel in Piccadilly and as we hauled our prams/baby rucksacks and other detritus including of course the babies themselves we noticed that we were the ONLY people there with children. Everyone else was either on a work lunch, an excited looking tourist or a very well to do retired type.

Between the breast feeding, the fact that both our babies have reflux so took it in turns to bring up their milk  and the screaming, we definitely  caused a bit of a stir. However, the waiters were lovely. They even kept our food warm while we sorted out the feeds and the changing facilities were nice and clean which is always a bonus.

Anyway, we had a glass of wine each which made us a bit tipsy (probably down to exhaustion/the fact that we don’t drink much these days) and we soon got onto a rather bizarre conversation….what on earth do we call our daughters’ bits??

Boys are easy….they have a willy. It’s a nice, child friendly term and is pretty much the only option. (I also like the French equivalent which is Zizzi).

But girls? There are SO many choices.

B reckons vagina but that seems a little bit grown up to me?

I on the other hand have been referring to Poppy’s as her Nunny (is that even how you spell it?) which I don’t even like but it seems to be the best of some rather awful options which include:

Front Bottom (I kind of like this one but not sure that it’s anatomically correct)

Noo (a bit like nunny but worse!)

Precious Petal (I kid you not….I know someone who uses this)

Minky (The name of my childhood pet rabbit)

Flower (Please God no)

Minnie (We nearly called Poppy this until my sister told me it was a South African term for vagina)

FuFu (Yuck)

It’s not as if it’s any different once you become an adult. My friends and I never call it our vagina. We often refer to it as our Vag which is just hideous.

Help me out here…what do you call it? It must be better than nunny.



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