How messy is your house??

How messy is your house??

I’m sure that at some point in my life I was organised. I know that I used to write a nice list every week and would usually have everything crossed off by the weekend and feel very smug about it too.

But then I went and had children and everything is messy and chaotic and any lists that I do write get tucked away and forgotten about.

If say you came round to the UFM household for a cuppa this afternoon, your experience might go something like this:

  1. You’d instantly be struck by the piles of shoes and wellies near the front door.
  2. You’d then notice the overflowing laundry basket in the hallway
  3.  There would no doubt be toys discarded everywhere on the floor and bits of cereal/peas that you would tread on.
  4. You’d be offered a cup of tea only to discover that we had run out of nice tea-bags because I didn’t have time to do the online shop yesterday and it’s not arriving until tonight. You would then be presented with an ancient raspberry leaf tea-bag from the final trimester of my first pregnancy. It would look a bit funny but taste OK. (Obviously you’d just have water if you were pregnant as I wouldn’t want to instigate child birth!)
  5. We’d sit in the lounge where I’d hastily but ineffectively tried to hide away my ever-growing pile of post. I will get round to looking at it soon.
  6. I’d then tell you all about how guilty Mr UFM and I are feeling because we totally forgot that it was Poppy’s parents evening at nursery last night. We haven’t slept all week because Louis has two molars coming in and were literally snoring on the sofa when I suddenly remembered that we had missed it.

I often wonder if I’m the only Mum who lives like this. I go round to other houses and things look so different. Toys are placed in nice neat boxes with lids on. There is no dirty washing to be seen and there is a giant blackboard in the kitchen with a beautifully drawn weekly timetable on it. (Actually I MUST get one of those).

Do you ever forget the food shop? Do you have a squashed pea on your sock right now? Is there a slimy toy slug at the bottom of your bed?

Please say yes ;0)

UFM xx

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