The Perfect Night’s Sleep

The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Mr UFM and I were exhausted.

A heady combination of our nightly bedtime toddler guest, my crazy hours and just generally not being able to nod off meant that  we were spending more time yawning than conversing.

We needed a proper night’s sleep! Just one magical, uninterrupted night where we could have a lie in and recharge our flat batteries.

After much research I stumbled across Hanbury Manor in Ware which looked grand yet cosy and was described as being a “country retreat” and I can never resist a country retreat. What really got me excited though was that they claimed to be able to offer you the perfect night’s sleep with the help of a Duxiana Bed which is Swedish, has four times as many springs than your average bed and has received rave reviews. (It also costs a mind-blowing 10,000 Euros).

Anyway, we gave Pops a big kiss, bade a fond “Hasta Manana” to my in-laws and raced for the door as quickly as we could. We were only hours away from the Holy Grail of pure, uninterrupted sleep.

As we arrived at Hanbury Manor I felt a flutter of excitement. The grounds looked beautiful and the hotel itself was as grand as the pictures had promised. But what we had really come for was the bed and oh my what a bed it was!!


I can’t explain how cosy, soft and luxurious this bed was. I did NOT want to leave it and leave it I didn’t. (Apart from to indulge in a beautiful dinner and a session in the steam room and jacuzzi).

We were in bed by 9pm and after catching up properly for the first time in ages, were asleep by 10pm. I inserted my earplugs (Mr UFM has a tendency to snore when he’s really tired), snuggled into the duvet and the next thing I remember is being woken up at 10am by room service with our breakfast. I had slept a full, uninterrupted TWELVE HOURS!!! It was a miracle. I could have kissed that bed. (In fact I think I may have).

I felt like a new person the next day. That one night was what we had needed. A chance to catch up with each other, a chance to relax and above all, a chance to get some proper sleep.

If you fancy a night of luxurious slumber in the very lovely Hanbury Manor then check out their website and make sure you say that you’d like a room with a Duxiana Bed when you book.

UFM xx

PS I think that this would make a lovely Christmas present. Perhaps you could ask your parents to buy you a night away and offer to baby-sit while you’re there. Yay!




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