A Trip to the local child (un) friendly pub

A Trip to the local child (un) friendly pub

It was 6pm. Louis was as hyper as anything having had an afternoon nap that ended two hours too late. Poppy was grouchy and tired but there was no way she was going to bed at 6pm as it would inevitably mean a 5am wake up call.

“Let’s go the pub”, said Mr UFM. Yes! the pub. We could sit in the garden (a small outside area overlooking the main road) and enjoy a nice coca cola (glass of rose for me, beer for him).

We put our hyper 10 month old in one buggy and our now excited but still grouchy 3 year old in another. This was no time for a “my legs ache” and “what’s that man doing?” style toddler walk…we had a half hour window to get there, have a drink and get home for bath time. We practically ran the kids to the pub.

As we arrived at the only pub that is within walking distance of our house Poppy started shouting at the top of her voice “PUB PUB PUB”. Shit, was that Beth’s mum from nursery walking past with a funny look on her face? Oh bugger off, I thought, as I peeked inside and realised that there was not another child in sight, just a drunk old man, some lairy twenty somethings and some rather tiddly women. This was not exactly family friendly but there was no turning back now.

We found a nice sofa which Louis licked and dribbled on.

Poppy stared at the drunk man sitting on his own and then announced that she needed a poo.

Mr UFM bought the drinks and the Pinot Grigio Blush was delicious but was gulped back rather too quickly as Poppy (who had finished her apple juice in record time) decided that she would like a pub tour (which involved sitting on lots of different chairs and greeting various people who were in various states of inebriation.

I’ll tell you one thing though….we were all smiling and happy. Louis was having a whale of a time holding on to the side of the sofa and bouncing on his knees. Poppy was I think, playing some sort of imagination game where she was in “Frozen” land and the chairs were part of Elsa’s palace. Mr UFM and I were smiling and relaxed because the kids were content and we felt young and daring because we were out for a kind of early evening drink even though we have two young children and it was all going rather well with not a tantrum in sight.

Sometimes you just have to get out of the house and when the park is closed, you’re all gardened out and you need a bit of an adventure why not go to your local, child unfriendly pub?

UFM xx


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