Grouchy Toddler, Crazy Baby

Grouchy Toddler, Crazy Baby

There are some days when I actually end up laughing (mostly due to hysteria and exhaustion) because I can’t quite believe what is happening in my house.

Take yesterday.

Poppy was really tired and grouchy and at that precise moment I was in no mood to I  deal with that plus an incredibly noisy Louis who has taken to shouting like a drunk football fan which I think he’s got from Poppy. I wanted peace, I wanted quiet and so I decided to let Pops eat her dinner at her little red table in the lounge whilst watching Peter Pan. (I know I know…not very good parenting and all that- although I think the odd TV dinner is good for the soul).

Anyway, I went out of the room for one second and when I reappeared there were peas ALL OVER the floor. They were rolling under the sofa and God knows where else and Louis who up to this moment has refused to move decided that this was the perfect time to begin his crawling career. So as the peas rolled, Louis semi-crawled around the lounge like a lame dog and ate them.

It was Peamageddon and I stood there and laughed because it was funny and ridiculous and the house was just so unbelievably messy and we have 30 people coming round on Saturday for L’s first birthday and the cleaner can’t come this week.

If I hadn’t laughed I would have cried.

I hid in the kitchen and gobbled up a collapsed fairy cake that Poppy had made with my Mum earlier in the day. It was like an icing filled yorkshire pudding and was bloody delicious. I suddenly felt a bit better and of course excited because Louis is on the move. Although actually this is not really exciting it is a bloody pain because I am now going to have to watch him like a hawk at all times and of course make sure that all of Poppy’s little toys are safely hidden away so he doesn’t put them in his mouth.

I honestly can’t believe the chaos that is my life. The mess, the noise, the lack of sleep. It is quite ridiculous. But it is also funny and sweet and lovely.

Oh and while some people deal with parenthood by turning to wine…for me it’s collapsed fairy cakes/chocolate and online shopping. I’m a terrible addict and even though I end up sending back half the stuff that I buy because it doesn’t fit and my boobs look ridiculous in all this off the shoulder business, the whole thing does fill me with a terribly shallow level of happiness.

Here are my Peamageddon inspired purchases:

Jeans to pull everything in – ASOS £35


Hush Culottes (£45 in the sale)…Haven’t arrived yet but hoping they’ll make me look cool and sophisticated rather than utterly ridiculous:





Keep fighting on chaotic Mamas…’re not alone.

UFM xx



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