High Temperatures During The Summer

High Temperatures During The Summer

The sun is shining, the picnic rug has come out of hiding and the bouncy ball and bubbles are in the buggy basket and ready to go. Summer is here and rather than hiding indoors we’re getting out of the house and getting a good dose of vitamin D.

This time of year is the BEST! No more crazy, cooped up kids not getting enough exercise, but rather healthy, happy explorers who are so tired out by the end of the day that they are actually asleep by 7pm!

Well that’s the dream anyway. Sadly it’s all gone a bit wrong this week as Louis (who started going to nursery on a Friday morning a few weeks ago) has decided to contract some sort of virus that has scared the living daylights out of me. He was a bit off colour over the weekend (which I put down to teething) and by Tuesday evening had a temperature of 40.8 C!! Seriously….anything over 39.9 C and I’m a quivering wreck. Over 40 C and I’m petrified.

We ended up taking him to A&E as he had a rash and was being sick. Thank God the rash was viral and it’s been a matter of keeping him cool and following a strict Calpol regime. (I’ve been using Nurofen too when the Calpol alone hasn’t worked). He’s now well on the way to being back to his normal jolly self. Out of all the things that stress me out as a mother, illness is the worst and high temperatures scare me the most.

Oh and dealing with a bored toddler and ill baby is really interesting. Poppy’s been like a fly in a cup…desperate to run around in the fresh air but unable to because we live in a maisonette and our garden doesn’t back onto the house. I’ve been entertaining her by allowing her to run riot with my lipsticks which she likes to smudge all over her face (She sadly got hold of my Charlotte Tilbury one but hey ho…it made her happy for ten minutes) and we’ve been playing various games involving her being Elsa and me being a gremlin. Long story!

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UFM xx

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