Life With 2: Nine Month Update

Life With 2: Nine Month Update

It’s been quite a while since I  properly updated you on how things are going in the Upfront Mama household. In fact, the last time I wrote about life as a new-ish Mum of two I was feeling pretty depressed and overwhelmed. I was finding it hard to cope and having panic attacks. This was in part due to my under-active thyroid but in retrospect I am positive that I was suffering from PND as well.

Anyway, Louis is almost 9 months old now and those difficult initial months seem like something of a distant dream. In fact, life with two is suddenly a bit more  manageable and dare I say it, really very lovely.

There are a lot of things at play here. Poppy is that little bit older and has taken to the role of big sister so well. Louis is in something of a routine so I can now plan my day and generally know what he needs when he needs it. We’re getting (a bit) more sleep and are enjoying family days out because we have more energy. All in all, life is more predictable and everyone is coping so much better.

Louis has kind of led the way with his routine. As he’s got older I’ve learnt to understand his tired/hungry signals and by observing and acting on them over a number of weeks, I’ve seen a pattern forming.

His day goes something like this:

6am: wake up and have 6oz milk

7:30 ish:Breakfast (Weetabix/fingers of toast/fruit)

9:30/10am: milk and morning nap

11am ish: Wake up and play

Around midday: lunch

Around 2pm: milk and Afternoon nap

Around 3:30pm (often earlier) : wake up and play

4/4:30pm: dinner


6:30pm: bath

6:45pm: milk and settle for bed

Around 11pm: He wakes up for a feed

After this it’s anyone’s guess. Sometimes he “sleeps through”, others he’s up quite a lot.

The great thing about this routine is that we all know where we stand and can plan our day. The utter chaos of the early days is subsiding.

Anyway, I wanted to write this as a reassurance if you’re expecting your second.

It will be manic when the baby arrives. Your life will be thrown upside down, your eldest will need to adapt and you will be exhausted


It does get easier and easier and this happens really quickly. By the time your baby is 8 weeks you’ll start emerging from the fog. By 12 weeks you’ll be feeling even better and then you’ll be weaning and your little one will be getting all podgy and receptive and gorgeous and you’ll wonder where the time is going and find yourself smiling more than wanting to hide in the loo. You’ll also be amazed as you watch your two children interacting and loving each other. You’ll feel proud and fulfilled and somehow whole.

So, don’t be nervous if you have your second baby on the way. Face it with the knowledge that life is going to be a bit challenging for the next few months but I promise that it will get better and more beautiful every day.

UFM xx

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