Louis’ First Birthday

Louis’ First Birthday

I’ve decided that really angelic, smiley babies are so happy and quiet because they are secretly planning lots of mischief for when they become toddlers. Many a time have I met an exhausted looking Mum whose small child is running wild. She’ll look at me and say “He was so good when he was a baby” before running off to catch him before he dashes out of the cafe door/ jumps off a table/bites a small unassuming child….

Anyway, it’s looking like my little Louis might be heading in that direction.

He has up to this point been an utter angel of a baby. “He’s so placid/laid back/such a content little lad”, family and friends would say as they played peekaboo and melted at his cute chuckle.

Well guess what? There’s a new Louis in town and his favourite pastime is shouting very very loudly. He shouts at home, shouts when he’s in his buggy, shouts whenever I’m talking to someone else. It is very hard to put into words just how crazy it is that such a small thing can shout with such volume. However, this video is the closest I can get to it…

Anyway, it was his first birthday yesterday. (This has definitely been the longest year of my entire life). After a party on Saturday where he spent the whole time shouting and crying until the last guest left, we decided for his actual birthday to take him and Poppy to our favourite haunt…the London Transport Museum. For £17 you get unlimited access for a year and the place is just excellent for kids. Honestly. It’s got these incredible family loos where you can all wee at the same time (Yes this kind of thing does make me very happy these days). There is soft play for the babies and it’s clean and lovely rather than covered in puke and grossness, a pretend bus/tube/cab for your toddler to drive and so much more. It’s my little haven in London and is guaranteed to entertain the most difficult of children.

Apart that is from the new shouty Louis.

He was not impressed and shouted his way around the museum and we then went to dinner at Bills and he shouted a bit more.

People stared and glared and I rolled my eyes at them and got a bit tiddly on Pina Colada.

He’s still cute,  I love him with all of my heart but please say this is “just a phase”.

A headache ridden UFM xx

PS the shouting has coincided with crawling so am wondering if the two are linked…hmmmmm!



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