The Chickenpox Edit

The Chickenpox Edit

Poppy has chicken pox and I feel very guilty. You see we didn’t actually know that they were chicken pox until Wednesday when she had had the spots for almost a week.

The problem has been that she’s not been at all ill, the spots looked like an allergic reaction (I thought she’d reacted to her sun-cream) and they weren’t blistering up. We had an online consultation with an out of hours GP service ( I don’t recommend this unless you have no other option) and he was adamant that it wasn’t anything catching so she has therefore been with an array of people… at a birthday party, nursery, friends, family etc etc.

Anyway, when she still had the spots on Wednesday we decided to take her to our lovely local GP (a very gentle and experienced Irish lady who literally kept me sane when I had PND/thyroid issues after having Louis.)

“It’s chickenpox” she exclaimed.


Poppy looked very pleased with herself. “I’ve got chicken pox I’ve got chicken pox” she chanted.

I on the other hand was running through the list of people I needed to call and warn when we got home. (Nursery seemed pretty non-plussed by the way.) Turns out that the pox are everywhere at the moment which seems terribly unfair. I always say goodbye to annoying child related illnesses in March and live for the summer when everyone seems to be healthy and happy but this year it seems that there are loads of annoying illnesses around even though the sun is shining.

Anyway, if your little one also has chicken pox, there are a few things that I recommend:

1. Don’t give your child Nurofen/Ibuprofen as anti-inflammatory medicines can sometimes make people with chicken-pox really ill

2. Calpol is fine though

3. Piriton is also recommended as it can lessen the itch and also help your child sleep

4. We’ve been using Pox Clin Cool Mousse which is  about a tenner from Boots and not only relieves the itch but can prevent infection and scarring, Virasoothe is also meant to be good.

If you’re reading this and you’ve been near a curly haired child who was probably pretending to be Elsa in the past week then I’m really sorry!!

UFM xx

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