Everything you Could Possibly Need for your New Baby

Everything you Could Possibly Need for your New Baby

Perhaps one of the most daunting and exciting parts of preparing for your new baby is buying all the kit. Daunting, because if you’re anything like I was you’ll be totally overwhelmed by the sheer choice of products out there and exciting, because your baby’s probably on the way pretty soon and it’s time to get ready.

I’ve decided to write an in depth list including everything that I recommend. Just because I recommend a product it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right for you but rest assured that everything on this list has worked really well for me and other mums and is well and truly tried and tested.

So here goes….a list of everything you could possibly need for your new baby and more. It really is extensive and you don’t NEED  all this stuff but it should cover every base and I did use everything on this list.


– Pram/Buggy:

I definitely recommend going for a travel system so that you can attach your car-seat to your buggy when needed. This is great if your baby is asleep in the car and you don’t want to wake him/her or if you are driving somewhere and don’t want to pack the entire buggy.

We went for the Uppababy Cruz which I love. It came top on ‘Which’ which kind of swayed it for us. It’s light yet sturdy, has a massive basket, includes a bassinet which is perfect for when your little one is tiny (it can be removed and they can sleep in it comfortably if you’re away for the night) and a more grown up buggy style seat for when they’re too large for the bassinet. The only negative is that the suspension isn’t great and sometimes it can be a tiny bit of a struggle to manoeuvre on raised pavements but overall, a really fantastic pram/buggy.

Many of my friends went for the Bugaboo Bee. They all love it. It’s a perfect buggy for manoeuvring around the city, is small, light and very cosy.

– Car-seat:

I think that the one to go for is probably the Maxi-Cosi Pebble. It’s ultra-safe yet cosy and should last your baby until they are at least a year old. I recommend going for Iso-Fix if your car has the capacity but don’t worry if not…as long as you use the seat-belt in the right way, it’s perfectly safe.

– Sling:

Poppy practically lived in this during her first months. It was often the only way I could get her to sleep as she wanted to be close to me. I didn’t have the confidence to go out and about with it in case I tripped over (many mothers do though) but used it around the house so that I could get things done while she napped cosily against my chest. Make sure you read these guidelines if using a sling.

– Sun-shades for the car windows

– A mirror so you can see your baby while you drive


– Breast pump:

The Medela Freestyle was my total lifesaver. Double pumping saved me so much time and I recommend getting the “breast vest” so you can express hands free!

– Formula:

Make sure that you have some formula on standby just in case you’re struggling with breastfeeding to begin with. All the major brands do small bottles of ready mixed formula so perhaps stock up on a few of those. We used Cow and Gate but most Mums seemed to go for Aptamil. They’re all much of a muchness to be honest.

– Bottles:

Have some bottles on standby. We used these Tommee Tippee ones. A lot of people like Avent bottles as well.

– Steriliser:

I recommend that you get a microwave steriliser. They’re so simple to use. We bought this one and you basically fill it with 200mls water, add your washed up bottles and bits and then shove in the microwave for 8 minutes.

– If you’re formula feeding:

This is the best money I ever spent. It makes preparing a bottle of milk SO quick and easy. It’s like a high-tech coffee machine for baby milk. An absolute must buy for an easy life if you need to go down the formula route.

– Muslins:

These ones are colourful, fun and a good size although a good old set of cheap white ones will do very nicely! You’ll need to put them over your shoulder when winding your little one after feeding and will always need one handy.

Bath Time:

– Towels:

I’d buy three or four hooded baby towels. I also like this apron towel which enables you to easily wrap your baby up and keep him/her warm after bath time.

– Thermometer:

The bath must be no warmer than 37 degrees celcius. This thermometer has always proved very accurate and reliable. We bought two…one for bath time and one to keep in the bedroom.

– Baby Bath:

Just buy a simple one like this

– Sponges for gently squeezing water over your little one. (You’ll only need to wash them with water to begin with).

Nappy Time:

– A Changing Mat:

We went for one similar to this at first although as Pops started to move and roll this one came in handy

– Nappies:

It has been Pampers all the way for me and my friends although I’m sure that there are some other great brands out there. I recommend ordering a monthly supply on Amazon Prime as it works out cheaper and makes life so much easier.

Water wipes:

Gentle and pure enough to use on newborn bottoms

– Cotton wool pads and balls if you’d rather just use water

– A little double sided container to keep water in. Use one side for nappy business and the other for the rest of the body.

-Nappy cream:

We liked Bepanthen as Sudocrem was initially too harsh for Poppy but many people do swear by the latter.

-Nappy Disposal:

We bought a nappy disposal system which makes life a lot easier and less smelly but you do need to buy refill bags. The cheaper option would be good old scented nappy bags.

– A changing bag:

They no longer stock the one I bought but this one looks good. It comes with a mini changing mat, loads of useful pockets and a special insulated milk storage area.

Bed Time:

A Moses Basket


A bedside crib:

This will last you longer than a Moses basket and attaches to your bed so is great for safe co-sleeping. Here’s an article I wrote about the incredible 3 in 1 Snuz Pod:

Why I Recommend The Snuz Pod

A Poddle Pod:

The best thing EVER if you want to safely share a bed with your newborn. Get one!


Safer than blankets but only suitable for babies over 8.8 lbs. I recommend getting a 0.5 tog, 1 Tog and 2.5 Tog  and following their temperature guide.

– Blankets:

I recommend that you buy a couple of these ones. They are breathable and beautifully made.

– Mobile:

This one is transportable and is small enough to be attached to your Moses Basket.

– Ewan:

Ewan the Sheep re-creates the sounds that your baby will have encountered in the womb and is great for settling your baby and making them feel cosy.

– A soother or three:

Many mums swear they’ll never use a dummy but soon realise how much babies love them. They can prove invaluable in settling your little one and research suggests that they can reduce incidents of cot death.

– Baby Monitor:

We bought the Angelcare one. It has given us so much peace of mind and is an excellent product.


A Pram Suit:

You won’t need one of these if your baby is born on a hot summer’s day but a must have for when you’re out and about in the colder months.

– At least 8 baby-gros:

Your newborn will live in these and will wear them to sleep as well as when he/she is awake.

– At least 8 vests:

Your baby will generally wear a vest under his/her baby-gro unless it is hot, in which case they can be worn on their own. In very hot weather, buy a few sleeveless ones.

– 2 hats:

Not to be worn whilst sleeping unless you are advised differently but a must have for when you’re out and about or if your baby is feeling too cold.

-Scratch mittens:

Poppy never needed hers but it’s good to have them on standby

– two or three cardigans

Play time:


New-borns can only see in black and white and are incredibly short sighted. Poppy initially loved to stare at the black and white side of  this and as she got a bit older adored interacting with it and looking into his big eyes!


Poppy adored her jungle mat. She loved looking at and eventually batting the animals, adored the music and was always happy when she used it.

Other bits:

– A thermometer:

A digital underarm one for when they are newborn and this one for when they are a bit bigger

– Nail Clipper/or scissors (or you can just bite their nails which is what I did)

– eye wipes

– bulb syringe for suctioning mucus (when Poppy was tiny and had a cold I did this with my mouth!!)

– Saline drops to help clear a stuffy nose

– Calpol  (but only to be used from 2 months upwards).

– We bought this kit which has come in real handy

I really hope this list helps you. Let me know how you get on

Oh and if you’ve just had a baby and are struggling with breast-feeding, have a read of this.


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  1. Rachael
    16th May 2015 / 9:38 am

    Thanks for this brilliant post.
    I have a few questions- why do you need to get a car seat if you get one of those buggy systems where it clips in? Do you need to get both?
    Also how soon before the birth did you get all this stuff?

    Thank you!

    • 16th May 2015 / 11:31 pm

      Hi Rachael,
      The travel system doesn’t come with a car seat but comes with clips that enables you to attach most popular makes of car seat to the base of the buggy, so you’ll only need the one car seat and then the separate travel system.

      We did most of our shopping when I was around 7 months pregnant.

      Hope that helps.

      Nicola x

  2. Charmian Oldman
    1st June 2015 / 11:48 am

    Hi, I have just discovered your blog, I was wondering with reference to the babygros, which size do I get them in, I have just read a book which suggests about 8 in newborn size and 8 in 0 – 3 months size, is this about right ot excessive ?

    • 2nd June 2015 / 4:08 am

      I think this sounds about right Charmain. I think it’s always good to have a few on the go as you’d be surprised by the amount that you can get through in a day. Thanks for reading the blog 🙂 x

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