A Wonderful London Afternoon With a Beautiful Mama to be

A Wonderful London Afternoon With a Beautiful Mama to be

I had the most brilliant day with one of my best friends yesterday. If I was younger and cooler I might refer to her as my “sista from another mista” but that phrase has always puzzled me because it implies that my mother had an affair and gave birth to her which she most definitely didn’t. Anyway, I digress.

Pip is due to have her first baby at the end of May and I wanted to treat her to a day of fun before she gets really huge and can’t handle the idea of an afternoon trecking around Central London.

We began our afternoon at Shackfuyu in Soho which has received so many great reviews that I couldn’t resist giving it a go. It didn’t disappoint and was a pregnant woman’s dream with a menu of Japanese comfort food full of flavours that packed a real punch. We adored the prawn toast, the cauliflower in miso orange ponzu dressing was incredibly moreish and the sizzling bowl of Hot Stone Rice was brimming with exciting ingredients and flavour combinations.

We gossiped and giggled as we oohed and aahed over the food. She made me laugh so much I nearly wet myself (I seriously need to do more pelvic floor exercises) when she told me how she’d gone to some weird NCT related event where a woman had tried to flog her a reusable nappy service. The idea is that they deliver the nappies, you use them and then they pick them up at the end of the week and wash them for you. Gross no? Anyway, my friend told her in no uncertain terms that the service wasn’t for her but the woman wasn’t taking no for an answer. Eventually Pip had to properly spell it out that no she REALLY didn’t want to use the service and that she was more than happy with the idea of good old Pampers to which the woman shouted out “You’ll be sorry when poo is oozing out of your disposable nappies. You’ll be calling me then” Can you believe that? I take it that business isn’t going too well!

After lunch we waddled (me because I’d eaten too much) to Carnaby Street and had a good old look around the beauty hall and handbags at Liberty. I bought us both a tube of my favourite ever French moisturiser Embryolisse which will come in handy when her baby arrives as it makes your skin look beautful and plump which is always a plus when you’re generally going makeup free. It can also be used as a cleanser and I believe it’s mild enough to use on baby’s bottom so a great all rounder.

(For more beauty recommendations have a peek at Beauty Tips For Busy Mamas.)

After a pit stop at Leon for drinks and a rest, we headed to the baby department at John Lewis. We wanted to buy EVERYTHING! There were so many cute little outfits and pretty much every contraption and accessory that a new Mum could ever want/need. I shunned the expensive but beautiful dresses and instead bought Poppy a scarily lifelike remote control. The reason for this is that she is OBSESSED with our real ones. All she wants to do is press the buttons, chew them and bash them together. I felt so smug when I found this: (Link here)

remote control

However, Poppy was seriously unimpressed with it when I presented it to her. She actually cried, threw it on the floor and pointed at the real ones. WTF? How did she know?? Is there no fooling these one year olds??

It was so lovely to spend some quality time with Pip. We talked through all her fears about birth and excitement about her little one’s arrival. It’s such a magical yet uncertain time when you’re this close…there’s so much preparation to do, you don’t know what your labour will be like and all you want is for your baby to be born happy and healthy. I remember so well that crazy mix of feelings as well as the sheer exhaustion of feeling so heavy. It’s all so worth it though as this time in two months months she’ll be cuddling her baby, feeling like the luckiest woman alive.

We hugged goodbye, Pip waddled off into the distance and I dashed home to give my gorgeous little daughter the biggest hug ever.





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