Kerry Cares Secret Sleep Solutions

Kerry Cares Secret Sleep Solutions

The number one problem that we mamas face bar none is the sleep issue. From the crazy newborn days to older babies who wake on the hour for some comfort feeding to toddlers who just want to snuggle up to us (and take up the entire bed), it’s a total minefield and can drive us almost crazy with exhaustion. Today I’m handing Upfront Mama over to the brilliant Kerry from Kerry Cares. She is going to give us some tips for dealing with the lack of sleep situation. Look out for the competition at the end of the post


Over to you Kerry….
I speak to so many parents every day all week and the vast majority won’t mind me saying that they are absolutely frazzled and exhausted, some call me on their knees with frustration and desperation. The cause: they have a pint sized sleep stealer on their hands! Bedtime battles, duvet disco lovers and all night party animals, I have experienced and helped them all.

When it comes to sleep solutions some parents feel there are two options available to them:

Option A) Sleep training such as controlled crying or crying it out


Option B) Waiting it out

Now I am huge believer that you need to do what feels right for you and your family, my very mantra is in fact:

“There are no right ways or rules to raising your family only ways that are right for you and your family”

If these methods suit and work for you and your little one that’s great but for some parents neither option is the right one for them. They can become even more tired and frustrated whilst twitching from caffeine overload. However there is another option, somewhere lurking in the middle of option A and B is option me! I can give you an approach that is as individually unique as you and your baby that actually does work, how amazing is that? I can advise, support and smooth out sleep issues so you and your baby get more sleep, I have way more than option A or B in my Mary Poppins bag.

Sadly I can’t give you lovely Upfront Mama readers the definitive guide to solving all your sleep issues simply because one doesn’t exist BUT I can give you the chance to win a one on one sleep consultation with me AND an exclusive peak at all-time top tips to for smoother sleep.

Here are my top tips for smoothing sleep issues:

“Sometimes the smallest of tweaks make the biggest impact”

Bedtime routine

Having a consistent bedtime routine that is unhurried and relaxed is the key to a good night’s sleep. It is never too early to start one and it’s not the timings that are important but the rituals you do every night with your little one.

Top up Their Tank

Their emotional tank that is! Babies and young children need to feel close and connected to us to feel secure and safe, we anchor them. Lots of reassurance, hugs, touches and presence during the day goes a long way to helping with a good night’s sleep.

The Basics

Ensure that they are getting plenty of the four F’s every day: Fluids, food, fun and fresh air.

Encourage them to fall asleep independently

How a little one goes to sleep at night is what they will need every time they wake during the night so gently try to encourage your little one to fall asleep happily and independently at bedtime. This can take some serious hard work but it can be done and doesn’t not mean you have to leave them to cry, in fact I always recommend the opposite. The first thing I look at when consulting is how they settle at sleep time, many sleep issues can be pinpointed back to this, it is that important!

Undertired V Overtired

An over-tired baby can have difficultly settling to sleep, wake more frequently after nodding off as well as during the night and wake super early. Bringing their bedtime forward by even 5/10 minutes earlier can make a huge improvement to their and your sleep.

Consistent plan for when they wake

When they wake at night I always advise leaving them for a minute or 2 or even longer if they aren’t crying.  If they are crying go to them, reassure and make eye contact. It is very common when you have a screaming baby at night to try lots of different ways to settle them: shushing,rocking, taking them out and putting them back in. What little ones respond to is one consistent settling method over a longer period of time.

Bedtime boundaries

Little ones need clear bedroom boundaries that are consistent. If you don’t want to take them into your bed they need to consistently get that memo.

Sleep Stages

Sometimes too much change all in one go can make their sleep worse. Breaking it down into easier, bite sized stages still can get you to where you want to go.

If you would like to have a chat with me or get more shut eye please get in touch at


To win a consultation with Kerry tell us about your little one’s sleep issues in the comments box below. We’ll pick a winner on 23rd December.


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  1. Danielle
    15th December 2015 / 6:26 am

    After 20 months of sleep deprivation I’m utterly exhausted and hoping that somebody somewhere can help us with this terror child!

  2. 15th December 2015 / 8:13 am

    Bedtimes take all evening and then he cries if we try to leave him to self settle. We’re up and down stair or sat in a darkened room. The more milk he gets, the better, but he’s getting plenty to eat and drink during the day (isn’t he?!). He gets lots of fresh air and activities. He’s often up at about 23:00 and 04:00 (he was sleeping through a few weeks ago; that’s a distant memory now!). He also wiggles up the cot and gets stuck/ rolls over/ puts arms through the bars etc., all of which make him cry until he’s rescued… I guess this is a developmental stage?

  3. Rebecca Oakley
    15th December 2015 / 8:28 am

    Our two year old needs us to stay with her to go to sleep (which can often take well over an hour), then needs my husband to sleep on her floor if she wakes in the night. Is inconsolable if these don’t happen, tried leaving her, tried explaining and reassuring, tried being close by but not in room, nothing works.

  4. 15th December 2015 / 8:37 am

    My fourteen month old son normally nurses to sleep and when he wakes in the night usually needs milk to settle him. I would love some help with alternatives so that I could have the occasional night off!

  5. 15th December 2015 / 11:04 am

    9 month old falls asleep on boob and then wakes every 2/3 hours from 11- have to co sleep to get any sleep and going back to work soon- need help!! X

  6. Emma Chapman
    15th December 2015 / 11:20 am

    My 3 year old takes over 3 hours to settle at bedtime. And wakes up every few hours. Not fun when you work full time! x

  7. Sabrina
    15th December 2015 / 3:48 pm

    My little one co sleeps with us because she’s up so often during the night! She’s 11 months old and I would love some help!

  8. Tatjana
    15th December 2015 / 10:12 pm

    My one year old only falls asleep when being fed and wakes up several times a night – we cosleep – it is the easiest way for us all to getost sleep but would love her to sleep through-

  9. Donna
    15th December 2015 / 10:39 pm

    We have a veryyyy active 2 year old who has had sleep issues from day dot! We have even brought in a sleep specialist on 2 separate occasions, it works but it never lasts 🙁 we’ve gone back to – won’t fall asleep independently i have to sit by his side until he drifts off and then awake anytime between 12-4 am demanding he get Into our bed. More often than not (always) we are too exhausted to argue and we chuck him in. He is insistant that he sleeps on my pillow clinging onto me, kisses me throws himself about, my partner ends up in the spare room and he will finally drift off til about 7. I haven’t had a full night sleep in over 2 years and work long days 4 days a week. I am totally Help!!!!!!!!

  10. Katy
    17th December 2015 / 5:38 am

    My little one often goes to bed well but is then up every hour throughout the night, every night. I am so tired!

  11. Laura Taylor
    19th December 2015 / 9:29 pm

    My baby wakes 2/3/4/5 times a night and is really hard to get back to sleep. He cries and cries and gets hysterical, does not want to switch off. He’s 10 months old and used to wake every ten minutes! I can’t get him to go to sleep on his own in his cot

  12. 20th December 2015 / 12:50 pm

    Help my little one sleep past 5 am! I feel like i have done a days work when I start!

    • 7th January 2016 / 12:37 pm

      The winner has now been announced! Thank you so much to all those that entered. Congratulations to our winner! I am happy to offer the other entrants a whopping 20% of a sleep session with me. Please get in touch to arrange your personalised session. X

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