9 Reasons Why our Trip To The London Aquarium Didn’t Quite Work Out

9 Reasons Why  our Trip To The London Aquarium Didn’t Quite Work Out

I woke up on Saturday morning with an unprecedented amount of energy and bounce and announced to Mr UFM that I wanted to go on a family adventure.

There were so many options to choose from…a trip to Butterfly World, a lovely walk in the nearby countryside, the local farm, the zoo…. so what on earth was I thinking when I decided that we should head to The London Aquarium…ON A SATURDAY???

“Pre-book your tickets and get the fast pass”, recommended my friend N who is a regular there. £50 later and we were packed up and ready to go. Pops was in a good mood, I had some emergency Maltesers in the nappy bag (the only things that curb tantrums at the moment) and Mr UFM and I were fuelled up on coffee and pre- day trip anticipation.

Sadly, the day was about as fun as being slapped round the face with a wet cod and here’s why:

1. Fish are really exciting and interesting to a 19 month old….. for about five minutes. After that they get a tad samey and the toddler loses interest and starts crying.

2. The London Aquarium on a Saturday is a very very busy place. It is not conducive to a 19 month old who has (finally) decided that she is interested in walking and insists that she wants to walk the whole way around the dark aquarium….at a snail’s pace…whilst holding both of our hands. This not only slowed down the hundreds of other fish enthusiasts but almost led to her being stepped on a number of times.

3. The weird music they play on rotation is bizarre and can make you feel like you’re going slightly mad

4. At one point Poppy had a tantrum because we wouldn’t let her get in the actual fish tank with the Sting Rays. By this point the Maltesers were finished and my nerves were well and truly frayed.

5. Poppy licked the outside of a dirty fish tank. Better than the inside of course but imagine all those hands and faces that have been up against it. Aghhhhh!

6. Wheeling a buggy around, whilst trying to deal with Poppy (who as previously mentioned, refused to get in it) and all the other people in the place was a nightmare.

7. Poppy got more excited about a picture of a star fish than the real thing. Why didn’t we just have an Aquarium day at home, with a book on fish? I think Mr UFM has an old shark costume somewhere. It would have been fun…and a hell of a lot cheaper.

8. I didn’t get to stroke a star fish or hold a hermit crab. I really wanted to do both but Poppy had other ideas and wanted to show me something on the floor.

9. People taking selfless….in the dark…with blurred fish tanks behind them and then taking them again and again and again because they couldn’t get a good photo. In my stressed state this annoyed me way more than it should have.

10. I thought that the penguins looked sad.

ON a brighter note, Sting Rays have really cute faces and we raced Poppy through the shop so quickly that she didn’t notice all the cuddly fish.


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