Mother Nature, Maternal Stirrings and Men B Vaccines

Mother Nature, Maternal Stirrings and Men B Vaccines

Why when everything is going so smoothly does something or in this case someone have to come along and bugger everything up?

Let me explain.

Poppy is being really amazing at the moment. She’s happy and funny, she’s eating well and almost sleeping through the night. When she’s not happy about something she’s also just started to communicate what it is so whereas before she’d howl and I wouldn’t have a clue why, now she howls and I’m kind of getting what is going on in her 18 month old mind. Without wanting to tempt fate, she’s suddenly got easier to handle.

So why, just as motherhood is getting kind of manageable and dare I say it fun, did I have to go and cuddle a 12 week old yesterday? Someone should have warned me…’DO NOT GO NEAR BABIES before you know for sure that you’re truly ready for another one’, because the minute you do, those blasted hormones start kicking in and you begin to consider that it might be time to start trying for another one.

All it took was that milk-drunk smile, the little gurgles and snuffles and the feel of having a tiny baby snuggled in my arms and I could literally feel my milk coming in again. “Fight it, fight it”, I told myself. “It’s just Mother Nature doing her worst”. But I couldn’t and as I looked at Mr UFM I knew that he was feeling it too.

So this isn’t me saying that I’m going to be waving my legs around in the air tonight or suddenly cutting down on caffeine but I must admit that whereas before I was adamant that I would never be able to handle more than one, now I can feel a little shift in me.

In other news, I’m really happy that the government have given the go-ahead for the Meningitis B vaccine but annoyed that Pops has missed the window for having it done. Now I’m left with a dilemma that I’m sure lots of fellow Mums are experiencing. Do we just leave it or do we fork out and get it done privately? It’s incredibly expensive but then what price can you put on your child’s health? I’m looking into the best place to get it done and will share my findings with you. I’d be interested to know what you reckon? Statistically speaking, the chances of getting Men B are fairly slim but the fact that all babies will now be vaccinated against it makes me think that I should be protecting Poppy as well.

Right, I’m off to take a cold shower and look at exhausted photos of me when I first had Pops in a bid to curb these hormones!






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