My Thoughts on Seeding (bathing your baby in your vaginal fluid!)

My Thoughts on Seeding (bathing your baby in your vaginal fluid!)

I was having a perfectly nice afternoon until I came across an article about something called ‘seeding’.

Have you heard about this? Perhaps not! Well let me explain…

It’s a new craze sweeping Australia where Mums who give birth via caesarean section douse their new babies in their vaginal fluid to boost their immune system.

Apparently, C-section babies miss out on the many bacteria in the birth canal that can help protect them from auto-immune diseases such as diabetes and asthma and there’s a good chance that giving them a “special” bath may well help with this.

Thought # 1 : YUCK! Sorry, I know I shouldn’t be thinking this if it’s for the good of our babies and  also, after giving birth nothing should really feel yucky or gross because we’ve pooed and farted in public etc etc. However, you can’t help but feel for the poor newborn who has just entered the world only to have a “vaginal juice spa”, when what he really wants is a hug and a feed.

Thought # 2: Shit and bugger. Why did no one tell me about this? Have I affected Poppy’s immune system by missing out on this one off, health-boosting opportunity? If only I had known how sacred my vaginal juices were. (Cue panicking and general neurosis)

Thought # 3: I know some perfectly healthy caesarean-born adults who weren’t drenched in their mother’s ‘Fufu’ secretions and have lived to tell the tale.

Conclusion: This strikes me as being rather disgusting and  perhaps a bit of a fad but knowing me I’ll totally do it if I have another little one via C Section. That’s the thing about this Mama business. We feel an overwhelming need to do what’s best for our babies, WHATEVER that may be.

UFM xx


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