We were so excited about choosing our Christmas tree on Saturday. Poppy is finally old enough to get excited about this time of year. She doesn’t totally get what Christmas is about but has learnt many of the most important details from festive episodes of Peppa Pig. Did I tell you how much I LOVE Peppa Pig at the moment? I’m definitely not a plonk your toddler in front of the TV type of mama but my goodness it works wonders when she’s in a grump.

Anyway, we found this beautiful farm near where we live that not only sold gorgeous Christmas trees but had resident horses, chickens and cows. It would be the perfect toddler morning out and a festive experience to treasure for years to come.

But of course it never quite works out like that where toddlers are concerned does it?

Our morning ended up being riddled with tears, screams and shouts of “No FATHER CHRISTMAS! NO HO HO HO!” and it’s all because of a giant, inflatable Santa Claus who was bobbing around in the wind at the entrance.

Now this menacing looking Father Christmas was enough to freak even adults out but for Poppy it was a good excuse for a total and utter melt down.

As children skipped around with their parents, enjoying the wondrous tradition of picking their tree, my daughter howled and howled. As poor Pops snuggled into me, naughty Mr UFM snapped photos. “We’ll look back on these with her in the future  and laugh. We have to capture this”, he said as he got a bit trigger happy with the camera.

Eventually I let Mr UFM choose the tree and I took Poppy away from blow up Santa in a bid to find the horses. Sadly, Santa was so big that wherever we stood on the farm he was still in view.

Ever since Santa-Gate Poppy has been saying “No Father Christmas. No HO HO HO!” on repeat.

My daughter has a fear of Santa.





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