The Very Hungry Baby. (A Take on Eric Carle’s Classic)

The Very Hungry Baby. (A Take on Eric Carle’s Classic)

In the light of the moon a little baby woke up (for the third time that night)

One Sunday morning his knackered Mum decided that it was time to start weaning and “click” she ordered three Annabel Karmel and one Baby-Led Weaning book on AmazonPrime

She started to look on Ocado for some food

On Monday she pureed one pear but the little baby spat it everywhere

On Tuesday she mashed two avocados with banana but the little baby cried

On Wednesday she pureed three carrots and the little baby got them all over the carpet, his face and her dress (but not in his mouth)

On Thursday she bought four Ella’s Kitchen pouches because she was sick of pureeing

On Friday she felt guilty for offering Ella’s Kitchen pouches and spent all sodding day pureeing like a woman posessed

On Saturday the blender broke and she cried and ate one chocolate bar, a pizza, a pack of crisps and drank a bottle of Rioja.

That night she had a stomach ache

The next day was Sunday again and the knackered Mum pureed an apple. The little baby liked it and after that the Mum felt much better.

Now the Mummy wasn’t stressed anymore and the baby wasn’t quite so small. He was bigger and started trying all sorts of exciting foods.

He started sleeping through the night, got into a routine and made his mummy very happy.

And then he was a beautiful toddler…

(and he started refusing to sleep again, threw his food all over the floor, learnt and used the word NO the WHOLE BLOODY TIME and made his mummy eat lots more chocolate and drink lots more wine).

Upfront Mama xx





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