Thursday Afternoon Tittle Tattle

Thursday Afternoon Tittle Tattle

One of my favourite bloggers, Ruth Crilly, who writes beauty blog A Model Recommends does a great weekly post called “Sunday Tittle Tattle”. It’s basically a list of her random thoughts from the week and is often entertaining and features a picture of her cat (and who doesn’t like a picture of a cat!) Anyway, I’m so tired at the moment that random is definitely the word to describe my thoughts (and general state), so I thought I’d do a Tittle Tattle style post today. Sorry if it’s all over the place.

Right…first things first.

We have a night time guest at the moment. She usually gets carried into our bed at around 1am when she wakes up and screams “BED BED MUMMMMMMY DADDDDDDY!” (we’re too scared of the screaming and tired to try and make her stay in her cot so we give in to her on a nightly basis). She likes to settle by putting her finger as far as it can go in my ear and with her forehead on mine. This was really cute and lovely a few days ago but it’s now driving me CRAZY! Everyone keeps advising me to do sleep training but I don’t think I can handle it during the week when there’s the small issue of getting up at 2:30am to do a radio show. Maybe this weekend? Maybe not!

This leads me on to my lunch yesterday. I met up with my best friend and her gorgeous four month old. We discussed night time fear….of your actual baby! I remember this vividly. In the early days Mr UFM and I were petrified of Poppy come sun-down. We referred to her as the  night time gremlin and used to creep around our room with our hearts beating in fear just in case the gremlin awoke from its slumbers and refused to go back to sleep. Who knew that 18 months later the gremlin would spend it’s nights poking our ears in our actual bed.

Ok. On to coats. Come this time of year there are two things on my mind. Coats and boots. Having spent last winter trudging around in clumpy non-slip boots (in case I tripped over with Pops in the sling) and a really gross and ancient parka I decided that now Pops is a bit older, I’m going to allow some glamour back into my life. So I’ve gone and bought the most impractical, stupid coat ever. It hasn’t got a hood which is a must-have when pushing a buggy (have you ever done the buggy/umbrella thing? It doesn’t work!), is made of wool which I find really itchy and is far too nice to be allowed within a mile of a sticky fingered toddler. However, I couldn’t resist. I love the colour red, I love Macs and I was given some birthday money so I thought “What the hell”. Here it is. What do you think?


(Just in case you’re tempted, it’s from Michael Kors and is reduced from £295 to £136 here.)

I was thinking that to overcome the lack of hood issue I could get myself one of these. I’m not even joking! I was totally serious about trying to get hold of a hands free umbrella until Mr UFM pointed out that it would kind of detract from the nice coat and that I’d look a lot better in last year’s old parka. He does have a point!





In other news, Poppy has learnt to say “bottom”, “bogey” and “poo poo”. I blame Mr UFM.

Told you this post would be random :0)

A very tired Upfront Mama xx



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  1. Helen
    1st October 2015 / 5:56 pm

    That is a very nice coat! My second baby is four months old and I ate a lot a bacon sandwiches while I was pregnant, so there’s no point in buying a nice coat this year, but I did get new boots and feel a bit more glamorous in my maternity tops and jeans that don’t really fit. 🙂

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