Udon’t Wanna Mess With This Mama

Udon’t Wanna Mess With This Mama

If I rewind to this time last year, I never could have imagined that 12 months into becoming a Mum I would be on a glamorous work night out having a full on row about Baby Led Weaning. (In those days work nights were fuelled by industry gossip and light-hearted banter. )

Last night saw me getting a bit too tipsy on champagne and proudly announcing to my boss and anyone else who would listen that I had made Poppy udon noodles, chicken, asparagus, broccoli and sugar snap peas (all with a hint of garlic) for dinner (a recipe from my very favourite website ‘My Lovely Little Lunchbox’). Being so immersed in my mummy life I automatically expected the group (of mainly men) to slap me on the back for introducing Poppy to such a delicious meal and to ask for a link to the recipe, but instead they all burst out laughing with screams of “You feed your baby Udon Noodles and asparagus?? Are you kidding?”, “What happened to good old pureed carrots?” and “Bloody hell your baby’s posh”.

Now in the old days I would have laughed this off but last night I wasn’t having any of it. You see, not only was I incredibly proud of the dinner that I had made for Poppy because it just felt really nutritious and balanced, but I was ultra proud of the enthusiasm with which she ate it. She slurped the noodles, stretching them and playing with them with glee and her little face lit up as she chomped on the sugar snap peas. Seeing Poppy revel in her food is one of my biggest pleasures and it has taken work and commitment to get her to the point where she is such an independent little eater. So…..when the boys made fun of me I didn’t chuckle and shrug it off….instead I went on a half tongue in cheek/half embarrassingly passionate rant about the pros of baby led weaning (which I am doing 95% of the time now that Pops is about to turn one).

The boys looked a bit dumbfounded.”What the hell’s baby led weaning? It sounds like some sort of cult”, said one of them, “You’ve changed!” bellowed another. And do you know what? I really have changed. Motherhood does that to you. I’m now one of those boring people who goes on and on about her baby to all who will listen and is quite happy to drunkenly wax lyrical about the benefits of allowing the little person in your life to relish their food.

I probably need to leave “Mummy Nicola” at home next time I go on a work night out, but it’s going to be hard because between you and me she’s taken over a bit and do you know what? I kinda like her!


PS If you fancy a bit of a giggle about what can happen when baby led weaning goes wrong have a read of this.

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