Upfront Nana Talks About Tough Love At Bedtime

Upfront Nana Talks About Tough Love At Bedtime

Today I’m handing Upfront Mama over to my gorgeous, inspiring and very opinionated Mum (Upfront Nana) after she emailed me the following words of wisdom yesterday morning……..

I never want to say ‘I told you so’ to my daughters (well not too often!), but I have constantly given warnings about Poppy visiting Mr UFM and Nicola’s bed during the night. Maybe I should add that it’s also Poppy’s bed now!

The call came at 7am. A wailing Nicola said, ‘Mum I’ve had the worst night EVER’. I waited patiently, whilst struggling with heavy work bags and queuing in Sainsburys to buy their great new kids book, Mog’s Christmas Calamity. ‘Well, Poppy sat on my face in the night and almost suffocated me, she talked in her sleep, moaning about butter on her toast and spent the entire night tugging on Mr UFM’s ear! Mum, I can’t do it anymore… I need to train her to sleep in her own bed!’.

In my usual forthright manner I told Nicola that this has been going on for months and I had warned her that this would happen. All very unhelpful, as I remember going through this myself. What was the advice I was given by well meaning people? It’s the annoying phrase used by friends and family who know it all – ‘tough love’. So right though!

So Nicola, you have to bite the bullet and say ‘NO’. Easier said than done as you are already sleep deprived, but you do need to get the upper hand again. There are going to be screams and tantrums and it’s going to be so tough. I haven’t got any better advice for dealing with an almost two year old, who is definitely in charge. Maybe some of your readers have?

Mum  xx

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