What’s Happened To The Aquafresh Tooth Brush App?

What’s Happened To The Aquafresh Tooth Brush App?

Poppy hated having her teeth brushed. Hated it with a vengeance. The minute she set eyes on that brush she was off and once we actually managed to catch her and try to brush her tiny gnashers she would clamp her mouth shut and that was that.

But then we discovered the best thing ever which if you follow me on Facebook you will have heard me raving about. The Aquafresh brushing app was our saviour. The dancing toothpaste, the “Nurdle Shmurdle Song” and the reward of going to the Nurdle Shmurdle shop once the 2 minute brush was completed and changing the toothpaste’s outfit were just genius. Suddenly my toothbrush averse toddler got excited about having her teeth cleaned.

So can someone explain to me WHY they’ve decided to change the app.

I was out last night and got a panicked call from Mr UFM.

“Something terrible has happened to the Aquafresh app. The Nurdle Shmurdle dance has changed and the toothpaste character looks all different and the shop isn’t there any more. Poppy is crying and keeps shouting SHOP SHOP”.

“WHAT?”, I replied in horror. “How could they do that? How could they be so stupid”.

The minute I got home I checked it out and was horrified. I could see why Pops was up in arms. Why did the toothpaste look so weird? Who was the muscly character that they’ve introduced and WHERE WAS THE SHOP??? How could they get rid of the shop?

If you’ve never encountered Nurdle Shmurdle you won’t have the foggiest what I’m going on about. If you have, you’ll totally get it!

I’m so sad about this that I’m considering buying these costumes for me and Mr UFM  and creating our own daily performance to encourage her to brush. Anything to keep tooth decay at bay!











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