PPA (Peppa Pig Addiction)

PPA (Peppa Pig Addiction)

Does your toddler:

Jump in every muddy puddle that they come across?

Snort spontaneously at the end of a sentence?

Have a toy dinosaur and say “Grrrrrrrr…dinosaur” the WHOLE TIME

Own clothes, books, cuddly toys, games, cups and plates all featuring a certain “cheeky little” pink pig?

Possibly think that their new sibling will look like Baby Alexandro?

Say “Yuck” when they don’t like food?

Sing a song featuring the words “Bing” and “Bong”?

Boss everyone around and blow raspberries at people?


If so, you may have a case of PPA (Peppa Pig Addiction) on your hands.

PPA cases are being seen all over the UK and are particularly prevalent amongst children aged 2-4 although parents across the country are complaining that they too are being affected.

One worried mother on NetPigs thinks that she may have caught PPA from her 3 year old:

“I can’t stop singing the Bing Bong Song. It goes round and round my head. I also jumped in a muddy puddle the other day”.


Vaccinations are currently available on the NHS but only for the under 1’s. You can go private but it could cost up to £500.

Dr Brown Bear is a private GP and yesterday stated:

“We are now seeing a shortage of PPA vaccinations in private clinics. There should be more available later this year”.

A petition has been sent to The House of Commons.


If you can’t get hold of a vaccination, you are being advised to wash your child’s hands regularly, wean them off the series slowly and replace with “Sarah and Duck” or “Ben and Holly”.

For more info please call the PPA Helpline on 9 9 Snort.


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