The “I Love My Body” Song

The “I Love My Body” Song

A few months ago Poppy looked at her stomach and said “Look Mummy….I’ve got a big tummy”.

My heart sank.

Where the hell did she hear that?? I knew 100% that it wasn’t from me or Mr UFM because one of my biggest rules is that we do not talk negatively about our bodies in front of Poppy. Ever. We don’t talk about diets, we don’t talk about feeling ugly and we definitely don’t talk about feeling fat.

There is so much pressure on children  to look a certain way these days. I mean there always has been but the whole social media/selfies/cyber bullying thing adds a dimension that never existed when we were kids.

I’m sure that when Poppy was referring to her tummy it was with the pure innocence of a three year old. She wasn’t worried that her tummy was big, she was just stating what she thought was a funny fact. However, someone, somewhere must have said that to her and little comments like that can I think lead to body issues from a very young age.

Anyway, I decided to come up with a recipe for the instillation of body confidence in a three year old:


One naked Mummy

One naked toddler

One mode of playing music

Nina Simone’s song “Ain’t Got No”



Blast out the song and dance around the room like  crazy things

Swap the words “I’ve Got My” to “I LOVE my”

Have fun. You’ll feel liberated and on top of the world.

Oh and it’s not only kids who should feel body confident. Yes our boobs are a bit deflated and our tummies are nothing like they were in our 20’s but who cares. Life is about so much more than that.

UFM xx






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