Mummy’s Daily Tipple

Mummy’s Daily Tipple

Pops and I went for a play date yesterday.

As the kids toddled, threw food around and caused general chaos, my friend and I shunned our usual cup of tea for a G and T. Just the one. You can start drinking at 5pm right?

After drinking mine with relish the room was gently swaying. I felt like Iggle Piggle in his boat. Wooosh. Weeeeeeeee. Woooooooooo.

I also found myself laughing a little too loudly when Poppy chucked her blueberries on the floor and did a fart.

It was time to go.

As we waved our goodbyes I almost knocked the buggy (with Poppy in it) over and realised that I was thoroughly sozzled after one drink. Oh the shame!


When I had sobered up a bit I started to reflect on the whole motherhood/alcohol thing. Since being a Mama I have never looked forward to a glass of wine at the end of the day so much (and never been such a lightweight). It is a way of congratulating myself for getting through the day and allowing myself to relax. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that like most other things in my life, alcohol pre-Poppy represented something very different to what it does now that I’m a Mum.

Here’s a breakdown of various drinks and how their roles in my life have changed:

G and T:

Pre-Poppy: “It’s such a nice evening. I really feel like having a refreshing G and T while we sit in this lovely pub garden and catch up”.

Post-Poppy: “She just threw her entire bowl of food at me. Get me a G and T. NOW!”


Pre-Poppy: “Cheers everyone. So lovely to have you all over for dinner. I’ve bought a lovely bottle of Rioja for us to enjoy.”

Post-Poppy: “Get me a glass of wine darling? Any old plonk will do. Make it a large one? ”


Pre-Poppy: “I’ve prepared some lovely fruit ice-cubes for the Pimms at the BBQ we’ve got planned for tomorrow. They’re going to look so pretty. Shall I add a bit of lavender as well? It’s all the rage I hear.”

Post-Poppy: “We’ve only got Pimms and Cherry Coke in the house. Oh go on, let’s give it a try. It’ll be like Sangria”


Pre-Poppy: “It’s so good having a night out with the girls. Is that Vanilla Ice? OMG I love this song! Sambuca shots anyone?”

Post Poppy: “You know that old bottle of Sambuca from 1999? You reckon it’s still OK to drink?”


In the old days alcohol represented fun and socialising. Now we are Mamas we don’t go out as much as we used to so we tend to drink it at home. One is usually enough to help us get over the tantrums and general craziness of being a Mum. It will generally get us tipsy enough to feel like we’re taking a ride on Iggle Piggle’s boat which is almost as fun as strutting our stuff to ‘Ice Ice Baby.’

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  1. 18th August 2015 / 2:33 pm

    Haha! This is so true!
    Not sure about the Pimms and Cherry Coke though…

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