Some lovely things for you and the kids

Some lovely things for you and the kids

One of my favourite blogs is by Giles Coren’s wife Esther Walker and is called The Spike. She has a sharp, irreverant humour and is wonderfully honest which attracts me instantly. The blog is very easy to read, full of recommendations and her general musings.  I interviewed her a while ago so if you fancy getting to know her better, check this out.

Anyway, over in Spike land, Esther has recommended a company called Eggnog. Everything they sell can be coloured in and I particularly like their table-cloths and back-packs. They also do  wallpaper which I love the idea of but I know that Mr UFM would have issues with this. He’s of the opinion that such a product would encourage general toddler home decorating which is never a good look.


Another more grown up product that I want to tell you about is the face-changing Hylamide-Glow Booster. I tested this last month for my beauty column and was  really impressed. Basically this is a super gradual tanning product for the face. Actually, tanning product doesn’t really do it justice. It’s a product that will make your skin glow with health. People will comment that you look radiant and  well-rested and even if the truth is that you’re grumpy and exhausted, no-one else will know your secret.

Oh and for the health conscious amongst us, it’s DHA free .

You can buy Hylamide Glow from Feelunique who have a 10% off deal at the moment. Rub a few drops onto your face before applying your normal moisturiser and in a few days you’ll be looking fabulous.

Hylamide-Glow-Bottle-Photo-v2 (2)Last but not least, the most comfortable wedges I’ve ever worn (and I’m almost 8 months pregnant!!). They’re from Clarks and if like me you really struggle with normal heels but want a bit of a “lift”, then these might be for you. (£60 and here’s the link)



Have a great Friday!

UFM xx

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