BabyMule Baby Changing Rucksack (the bag that changed my life)

BabyMule Baby Changing Rucksack (the bag that changed my life)

Since having Louis I’ve had to do away with my lovely shoulder changing bag (it’s a silver one from Mia Tui and has always made me feel rather glamorous) and swap it for a rucksack. It’s impossible to deal with a baby, a toddler and a shoulder bag. Particularly when your toddler decides that she’s tired and needs carrying while you are also carrying the baby in a sling.

I initially bought a cheap one from Amazon and unsurprisingly it was broken after a few months. It also had something that looked suspiciously like poo on it so I was very glad to chuck it away. (Why do I feel that I am never more than a few inches away from poo!?)

Anyway, following this, my criteria for a rucksack was as follows:

  • Sturdy (i.e. won’t break like the aforementioned Amazon one)
  • Glamorous if possible….
  • ….but also something that Mr UFM would be happy to carry
  • Roomy so that I could fit in all the STUFF that comes with having two children
  • Full of compartments as I hate not being able to find stuff quickly and easily

In the end I opted for a BabyMule which ticks all the above boxes apart perhaps for the glamorous one. It is as practical and handy as you can get and has been an utter godsend. Honestly if you’re a fan of organising your stuff in little areas then this is the bag for you.

At the front it has an area with a bottle insulator and then directly behind that a large compartment where I keep spare clothes. In this compartment you’ll find a large, folded, waterproof wallet to keep dirty clothes and bibs in.

Behind this compartment is another with a detachable nappy changing wallet. (This includes a changing mat  and zipped section with space for a few nappies, wipes and cream etc). The rest of the compartment is spacious enough to store toys/ snacks/ all the other bits and bobs that you need.

Finally, there are two side compartments for your things, plus a little zipped bit on the waist strap.

The bag can also be transformed into a shoulder bag if that’s what you fancy although I think it works best as a rucksack.

This bag makes me happy. It’s a bit boring to look at but inside awaits a treasure trove of organised excitement.

The little things eh! :0) xx

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