SPFS That Make Your Skin Look Amazing

SPFS That Make Your Skin Look Amazing

So the other day I was waxing lyrical about Dennis Gross’ Skin Pads and how they have changed my skin for the better (see article here) and they really have. They are expensive but well worth the expanse if you want to get your skin glowing and back on track. What I forgot to mention though is that when you use an acid peel like this, it’s really important that you use an SPF during the day. The peel is removing a layer of skin and that will leave you far more sensitive and prone to sun damage.

I remember the days of  slathering my face with whatever suntan lotion I happened to be using on my body and wondering why I looked so greasy and spotty. These days I tend to go for a makeup/SPF combo which has the benefit of being time saving and making my skin look nice whilst protecting it.

The product that I have used for years is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 20. It’s a great base for makeup and also gives your skin a lovely radiance. The coverage is pretty minimal but it does make your skin a better version of itself.

This summer I have mainly been using Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue (SPF 30). The first time I used it I felt that it left my skin looking a bit oily and shiny but I tried again and found that when I properly massaged it into my skin it made a huge difference. It blurred out imperfections to a much greater extent than the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and gave my skin a glow that it hasn’t had since being pregnant with Louis.

My most recent discovery is OM Invisible Finish Primer. It is the most expensive option of the bunch at £52 but offers the best level of protection (SPF 40) and whilst giving light coverage, will definitely improve the appearance of your skin and provide a great base for makeup. Personally, I’ll be using this on the beach as it looks really natural and is full of anti-oxidant ingredients so it improves my skin whilst protecting it. A far better option than covering it in Banana Boat!





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