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The Problem With The NHS Is People Like Me!

My Mum and I were out for lunch. It was my first proper day out with her since having my 12 week old baby Louis. As we..

Pumpkin Babies and Newspaper Articles

My poor aching back! I was sitting  holding baby Louis in his usual upright position pretty much from 5am until 11am as he wanted to only be..

What do you call your daughter’s “bits”?

I was out with my gorgeous friend B and her 16 week old on Friday. We went to Brasserie Zedel in Piccadilly and as we hauled our..

Today’s really tough!

Some days are so much tougher than others aren’t they? Today is one of the tough ones. It’s tough because I’ve had three hours sleep and I’m..

Living In Reflux Hell

I read the other day that some babies start sleeping through the night at 8 weeks. Having had a baby before I know that this is rubbish...

Let’s Talk About (Post-Natal) Sex!

“So what contraception are you considering?” asked the enthusiastic GP at my 6 week check? “Umm what?” I said as I was awoken from my daydream about..

Really Easy Pasta Sauce

This is going to sound so middle class but here goes…. I usually order my Ocado shop to arrive on a Monday but what with the Bank..

Spice Up Your Toddler’s Life

On Friday I went out for lunch with my best friend P and her 9 month old son B who is the most gorgeous little boy you..

Two Boden Must Haves For Spring

I remember my Mum getting the Boden catalogue when I was a kid. I used to leaf through it and be fascinated by the fact that they..

The Sleep Training Diaries: Conquering Bed Time!

I’m writing this with a big smile on my face because in the space of 5 days we have managed to (almost) crack Poppy’s sleep problems and..

The Sleep Training Diaries: Help Me!

In yesterday’s post I told you how desperate we had become with lack of sleep due to Poppy ending up in our bed each night and taking..

How To Deal With A Toddler Meltdown

Now that Pops is two she has been having more and more meltdowns about the most random of things….I was settling her the other night and she..

Online Baby Clubs: Is There A Catch?

There is a lingering smell of sick in the UFM household. Pops threw up all over her hair and bed last night. Cue me trying to reassure..

Preparing For Your Hospital Stay

When I had Poppy I had absolutely no idea what was in store. I mean how would I? Nothing can prepare you for the birth or your..

What’s in My Hospital Bag (this time around)

When we had Pops I turned up at the hospital with the most obscene amount of stuff. I remember Mr UFM being embarrassed as he wheeled 2..


To Double Buggy Or Not To Double Buggy?

The poor Piggle won’t have much that she/he can call her/his own. That’s what comes with being the second baby. So far Poppy has (unknowingly or there..

The Easy Peasy Travel Cot

Do you may remember me telling you about SpaceCot a few months ago? I was asked to review their product in return for a couple of sponsored..

Some lovely things for you and the kids

One of my favourite blogs is by Giles Coren’s wife Esther Walker and is called The Spike. She has a sharp, irreverant humour and is wonderfully honest..

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